Stuffed remains in bags that may be 22 years old

A dismembered body was found stuffed inside two suitcases in a Brooklyn apartment Wednesday, believed to belong to an abused 22-year-old woman whose remains were found amid a horrific spectacle of blood splattered alongside a meat cleaver, police said Thursday.

The remains were found after building security guards tried to check the condition of the woman – who had not been seen for nearly a week – but her boyfriend, who escaped before cops reached the scene and found a horrific scene, police said.

Neighbors said the young victim, whose relatives identify as Dacia Johnson, was subjected to violent violence by her long-time boyfriend, and sources said the victim obtained a protection order against him to no avail.

Responding police opened the bags and discovered an “obvious crime scene”.
Paul Martinka
    Early Thursday morning, the medical examiners' office removed parts of the body for further investigation.
The victim is suspected to be a 22-year-old woman.
Seth Gottfried
    Early Thursday morning, the medical examiners' office removed parts of the body for further investigation.
The remains were found after the concerned building security guards went to the unit.
Seth Gottfried

He is now the subject of a police manhunt and is considered a murderer.

“My head hurts, my heart hurts, my eyes hurt from crying,” said neighbor Stephanie Harris, who was a friend of Johnson’s. I probably saw her five or six days ago. Before that, they were having real, nasty problems.

“for two years [was] He hit her, broke her apartment, broke her legs, broke her ribs,” Harris said. “Her mother was complaining, ‘I want to get her away from this building. She’s going to die, please get her away from this building. No one wants to listen.’”

Linwood Street near Atlantic Street in Cypress Hills
The remains were found in an apartment on Lynnwood Street near Atlantic Avenue in Cypress Hills.
Paul Martinka

“A couple of months ago she came back with crutches,” she said. “He smashed her apartment, he broke the TVs in her apartment. And I cried and said, ‘Listen, I don’t want to see you on the news.'”

On Wednesday, security guards knocked on the door of Cypress Hills’ apartment to check on Johnson at the request of a local nonprofit program for battered women.

But when the guards tried to enter the apartment at a welfare check, sources said her boyfriend and another man refused to let them in, prompting the guards to threaten to call the cops.

Evidence from the scene
Sources say dried blood was found inside the bathtub, where police found clothes and several cutting tools.

When the guards briefly left the sixth-floor apartment, the two men ran away pulling out a duffle bag, the sources said.

Police sources said that as soon as the two men left, the security forces returned to the apartment, where they found a meat cleaver, blood and an unpleasant smell in the bathroom.

“Security has keys to where she is, they have master keys and they go in and they see blood everywhere,” James Isig, chief detective for the New York Police Department, said Thursday. “And they withdrew.”

Detectives at the scene
Police discovered a “large amount of blood” at the site.
Paul Martinka

Workers immediately called 911.

“It’s DOA,” Isig said. “Crushed while we wait [medical examiner] To determine the exact cause of death.

The president added, “We know that there were two men who were helping us with security in identification who came out of that apartment before we entered.”

Essig said police believed the body had been dismembered in the bathtub.

Police responded at around 1:40 p.m. and later executed a search warrant, during which they opened bags and discovered an “obvious crime scene,” police said on Wednesday.

Stephanie Harris, 33 (left) and Terra Banbutene, 27.
Neighbor Stephanie Harris (left) said the woman who lived inside the apartment where the remains were found had a friend who she would often fight with.
Gabriella Bass

Police said Tuesday night that a “large amount of blood” was found at the site.

The sources said the bloody finds included dried blood inside the bathtub, where police also found clothes, several cutting tools and a “possible tip of a human figure”.

The sources said that two bags were next to the bathtub.

Sources said the 23-year-old boyfriend was at Johnson’s apartment in March to “get his stuff”, in violation of the protective order – which is still in effect.

But Harris, a friend of the victim, said she repeatedly told police everything was fine when the officers showed up.

“He hit her one day in the hallway,” she said. “My daughter was like, ‘Don’t do that. “My daughter is three years old. Get your ass at home, you little bitch.

The medical examiner's office will officially confirm the identity of the person and the cause of death.
The medical examiner’s office will officially confirm the identity of the person and the cause of death.
Paul Martinka

“She always said, ‘I can’t wait to run,'” Harris added. ‘After this year I’m going. I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m going. Mom will know where I am. I will go. I feel like my time is up. ”

She said the victim was working with Housing Plus, a non-profit program that serves women in crisis to flee their abusers.

Another neighbour, who asked not to be identified, told The Post that when cops were called to the apartment she was “hiding [her boyfriend] inside her house.

“They can’t do anything about it,” he said. “About six times have come here and they are all the same six times.

“You usually hear things at night,” said the neighbor. “You hear arguing, banging, and things getting loud. Just very loud screeching, banging. It’s a normal thing that got out of hand one day.”

The city medical examiner’s office will formally confirm the victim’s identity and establish the cause of death.

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