Stukes: Not blaming the rising kick-back for the blunder

Admittedly, the Denver Broncos have made a lot of beginner mistakes thus far.

However, they insisted that their young bet yielder who failed to take the field for the boat return was not one of them on Sunday.

Special Teams coordinator Dwayne Stokes said rookie Montreal Washington had already done the right thing by not slipping onto the court for a comeback early in the fourth quarter against Houston, forcing coach Nathaniel Hackett to burn a time-out.

“I don’t think you can blame Montreal for that, can you?” Stukes said Thursday in his first comments on the sequence that happened just under 10 minutes ago in Denver’s 16-9 win.

Stukes said the defenders celebrated a tad too tall after defensive tackle Dre’Mont Jones sacked Davis Mills, pushing the Texans out of the field goal range with the Broncos in front of 13-9.

“There’s no disrespect from that statement for defense, but we played really well in defense – we got a sack,” Stokes said. “They partyed a little longer than we expected. Houston brought their punt to the field with urgency and the clock was going fast, ticking, ticking.”

Stokes suggested that Washington did the right thing by staying on the sidelines because there were already 11 men on the field and if he ran for a punt, the Broncos would be penalized. That would have brought the Texans back into the field goal range at the Denver 40-yard line for a 58-yard attempt by Ka’imi Fairbairn.

“Montrell fits into situational football because we always talk about situational football,” said Stokes. “He was ready and ready to go. We can’t send him there when we already have 12 (sic) guys there. That would have been a bad look for me as the SS coordinator.”

Mills’ Case Jones for a 7-yard loss pushed the Texans to the Denver 45-yard line, which would have made a 63-yard field goal, so Houston coach Luffy Smith sent his team fourth. and 14.

After a timeout at 9:55, Washington called for a fair goal on his 14-year-old and the Broncos spent more than six minutes in a 12-playing career that capped Brandon McManus with a 50-yard field goal.

Earlier in the week, Hackett accepted responsibility for the hiccups of play that have stymied quarterback Russell Wilson and the Broncos’ offense thus far.

The Broncos committed 25 penalties in two matches, the most in two matches in their history. Of Sunday’s 13 offenses, two were late kicks on field goal attempts, which is extremely rare in the NFL.

Stukes blamed those.

“Just communicate as much as we would have done,” Stokes said. “We have to be even more urgent when we get to the field to get into the mob, break the mob and get to the melee line. No matter what time on the clock, we just need to speed up this process a little bit.

“That’s on me. I have to do a better job in training as well as the players in the pool and check the hour of play.”

The Broncos (1-1) host the San Francisco 49ers (1-1) Sunday night.

Notes: Playmaker CB Patrick Surtain II (left shoulder) is back in training, a promising sign that he will be able to play in the game. WR Jerry Jeudy (rib) sat on the second day in a row.


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