‘Swings his leg better than his club’: The golf world reacted boldly once to Phil Mickelson’s insane athleticism

When recalling Phil Mickelson’s past years on the Pro Tour, one can think of him as a huge player. Something he noticed and started working on in 2019. Three years later, today, Mickelson is enjoying being a fairly fit player compared to his previous physique.

Although the former world number two today enjoys the fitness benefits that they do relatively well, these benefits are not all new. One of them is sports. Although Mickelson had a huge physique, he always had a fair amount of athleticism inside of him. An apt example of this was seen in 2018.


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Phil Mickelson starts the bottle with style

Walking down memory lane, 2018 was an unpleasant year for Mickelson at the Ryder Cup in France. Despite trying his best, the 6-time champion suffered losses in the quartet, as well as singles.

Although disappointment was evident on his face, he was careful not to carry it off the golf course. After his loss, Mickelson, along with a few of his teammates, headed to a club, where he caught a glimpse of his athletic activity. Wearing a black shirt and pants the color of the American flag, he raised his leg to knock down a bottle placed on someone’s head.

The tweet, initially shared by Mickelson’s native Bubba Watson, took no time to spread throughout the golf world. Going without saying, Mickelson’s display of the utmost in sport opened the doors to views from all over the world.

Going to the comments section, one user did a dig at Mickelson, comparing his game to his kick. “He lost his fit and his game…but if that’s the card you’re left to play, then play it. His leg swings better than his club,” he said. he wrote.

Walking a similar path as the user above, several other users also took to the comments section, and took digs at Mickelson. Some of them wrote:

While the golf enthusiasts above were directing their views toward Mickelson, another division went a step further. Instead of making an individual drill, the other group of fans chose to call up the entire US team for their performance in the 2018 Ryder Cup.


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This wasn’t the first time Mickelson had given a glimpse of his impressive high kick. Walking back down memory lane, two months prior to this video, the World Golf Hall of Fame was featured in an ad for one of its sponsors, Mizen + Main. In the video, Mickelson is seen giving a glimpse into his dance moves. The moves, which also included a high kick.


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