The Dallas Stars conclude the tournament by defeating Wings and Blues

The prospective Dallas Stars put in a really good showing at the NHL Prospect in Traverse City last weekend. The stars were able to finish with victories over the Detroit Red Wings and prospects for the St. Louis Blues. It was good to see that the NHL was streaming matches for free for fans to watch. The stars really have a promising future and they showed it, especially on Sunday. Let’s dive into the game summaries from the last two games in Traverse City.

Dallas Stars Prospect Championship: Detroit Red Wings Game Summary

The star prospects showed that they could play with some determination against the net. He hit the wings first in the second half and the stars responded later by rebounding in front of the net. The game continued to progress back and forth scoring goals. The Stars managed to hold off the Red Wings 5-4 in the third period to claim their first win in a potential tournament. You can say in this game that potential customers will not return to Texas without a win. Here was the final goal count from the first staff writer for Mike Hicah.

Dallas Stars Prospect Championship: St. Louis Blues Game Summary

The Dallas Stars Prospect Mataj Blumel team wanted to introduce themselves to the Stars fan base in this game. Blummel could be one of those dark horse candidates for the opening night roster this season if he does well in training camp. Blumel was scoring a hat-trick in a 7-1 win over the St. Louis Blues. Riley Damiani will finish with two goals and an assist. Christian Kero and Fredrik Karlstrom will finish with a goal. The stars came out strong and took the game away early. That’s all a coach can ask for.

Dallas Stars Prospect Championship: Finale

In general, fans of the stars should be pleased with what they saw on the ice during the three matches they played. The superstars have a lot of talent and Pete Debor and his coaching staff are doing their job at boot camp to narrow the list. What happened at Traverse City is a very good all-star training camp this season.

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