‘The Last Dance’: NBA fans celebrate as the MVP announces one final round with Stephen Curry

Last season was defining in the history of the Golden State Warriors. Activating a lost dynasty, Stephen Curry and his colleagues were able to emerge as underdogs. With no major changes, the original kernel paved the way once again. The fourth championship is in the Gulf where the NBA Three-Point King completed the long-awaited win from the MVP of the Finals. Aside from his superiority, the Warriors had a leader on the sidelines in the form of Andre Iguodala.

The NBA veteran started his career as a superstar alongside Allen Iverson. However, it is slowly emerging that he is arguably one of the sixth greatest men in NBA history. In 2015, LeBron James shocked by leading him to the inaugural title of the Bay Dynasty. Even without starting every match, his stellar defense of the King was pivotal to the Warriors’ Tournament of Conquest. Likewise, he became the first player ever to win the Finals MVP title without being a fixture in all games.


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Now more than a guide on the sidelines, Iggy heads toward the end of the road. Having made one last promise to Stephen Curry, the 2015 Finals MVP returns for his final season.

Iguodala assures Stephen Curry of one last trip

After a final run with the Miami Heat, Iguodala was ready to work as a free agent last season. With the doors wide open, Bob Myers brought back his former Finals Champion. After returning on a one-year deal, he brought magic with him. With the help of a well-designed roster, the Warriors are back at the top of the NBA world. Likewise, his importance is recognized by the face of the franchise, Steve Curry. Likewise, Baby Face Assassin seems to want it again.

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Andre Iguodala has announced his decision on his podcast, and he’s already back for his 19th season in the NBA as a member of the Warriors. However, this would be his last. He said: “I’ll tell you now, Steve, the latter.” Warrior fans were over the moon knowing the veteran is bringing it back one last time.


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Andre Iguodala, master of his role, remains the true embodiment of selflessness. Never claiming the spotlight for himself, the two-time All-Defensive member ranks as one of the six most famous men in NBA history. Highly admired for his ability to appear, Iguodala will remain indisputably associated with warrior history forever. The man who was instrumental in the beginning of the most dominant modern dynasty, the former All-Star will help them one last time.


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As Stephen Curry looks to defend his crown, Iguodala’s contribution could be indispensable. With one last round remaining in it, do you think the former Finals best player will win his fifth championship with the Warriors? Let us know your views in the comments below.

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