TJ Oshie cites Capitals fantasy football league as a tight-knit team with new players

Washington Capitals have had a huge success in free agency this year, signing deals for Darcy Comber, Charlie Lindgren, Dylan Strom, Henrik Burgstrom and Eric Gustafson. The team also exchanged with Ottawa for winger Conor Brown.

With all these new players, an important question arises: How does one successfully integrate all these new men into the fabric of the team?

According to TJ Oshie, the answer is fantasy football.

“The new group, exciting,” O’Shea said after the first day of boot camp. “You always miss the guys who are gone and the people who aren’t here. Sometimes when you get four or five new faces it feels kind of new after not having the success we wanted to have in a few years in a row. I’m excited to see them intertwine, what’s the line Who will they fall on, what pairs of D will they fall on, and how will the goalkeeper get back together.

“They all look like great guys,” O’Shea added. “They jumped aboard the fantasy football league and came out playing with us. They are great guys and fit really well. So it will be fun to bring that chemistry we already got from ice on the ice.”

Honestly, now I’m eager to know some of the team names. I imagine:

Ovi: rush machines
Tom Wilson: necessary cruelty
Title: Quarterbackstroms
Oushi: TDs TJ
Dylan: Strom dwarves
Carly: Carlson Wentz
Hagelin: Washington Karlmanders
Nick: 4 doodles and inches
CM24: Best Conor Mac
Other connor: New to Townie Brownie
Ferrari: Reelin ‘Fishes Like I’m Stealin’ Kisses. Raylin’ fish like I’m stealing my kisses
Mr. Darcy Comber: Pride and kicks
decorated: Hathaway to the goal line
Blaine Forsyth: slingshot
Peter Laviollette: Peter Laviolite fantasy football team

Oshie also spoke about Capitals’ new network veteran Darcy Kuemper and Charlie Lindgren’s battery. While he admitted he would really miss the tandem of former Capitals youth goalkeeper Ilya Samsonov and Vitek Vanessek, he was excited to see what kind of stability they could bring. O’Shea added that Lindgren has already made a huge impression on the team with his great personality.

“To have a player like Kuemper who obviously has to have a lot of confidence in his ability, not only in the last year, the last two years, one of the best goalkeepers in the league, it’s great to get that back out there, and to have that,” O’Shea said. : “A rock when we don’t play to our best and make all the saves he’s supposed to make.” “Very excited to have him. Chuck (Charlie Lindgren) is a wonderful guy. I love this man. He was great in the locker room and on the ice, working with guys doing the extra stuff in practice, and playing the little games at the end. This is the fun stuff where you really bond and get better. It’s a great tandem and I’m excited to see them work.”

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