Todd Downing continues to destroy the Titans of Tennessee

The Tennessee Titans mocked the Colts for laying an egg and scoring zero points against the Jacksonville Jaguars, unfortunately, the Attack on Titans and Todd Downing just as embarrassed themselves as their Indianapolis rivals.

This was a loss so bad that Giants legend Frank Wicic tweeted for the first time a year ago.

I didn’t even know Frank knew what a hashtag was!

I could basically reprint my article from last week about how badly Todd Downing brought down Titan’s crime, but I wouldn’t. I will make a new one.

Todd Downing is not well connected to play and I have (more) proof.

Let’s look at this game, only this time, and then we can put it behind us forever.

The Titans scored and looked great on their first drive. While we don’t have much insight into what’s actually included in a game plan, we do know that the first two leads or two teams play is what they call “written,” essentially meaning coaches plan plays in advance during the week before they are played.

In these plays, the crime sounded good. Written plays worked!

For the second week in a row, the Titans netted in their first possession of the game after being so miserable in their first drive last season.

This is all the good news I have.

The long list of bad news about the Tennessee Titans

Immediately after that, the crime became completely powerless. Nothing, nada, nothing.

After the Tennessee Titans’ second drive, five of their nine possessions were three estates and three more were rotated.

These gaming calls don’t fall to anyone other than Todd Downing. Not only did the crime result in less than it did last week, it looked even worse than it did last week. This is not surprising in hindsight because we learned that the giants were lacking in humans and not very good.

I’m sorry if I sound undiplomatic and angry, but I feel undiplomatic and angry at this point. And listen, at the end of the day, I don’t think it’s fair for me or anyone else to call someone out for their job. However, the issues in the Tennessee offense are problematic to recall play clearly and clearly. The Organization of the Giants, Mike Frabel, John Robinson, or someone else should step in and be responsible for solving the problem.

Three sets and exits, individual packs that show exactly what you’ll do (or doesn’t make sense at all), the inability to get the ball to your best players; It all goes back to the crime boss, Todd Downing.

Every Second Mike Frapel Doesn’t Something About the offensive woes puts him in his hot spot. Crime is a train wreck and must be addressed, the longer it goes on, the more proverbial heads will need to roll.

Even if you ignore the calls for the play that Todd Downing is responsible for, Mike Frabel has to take responsibility for the two other blatant issues holding the Tennessee Titans back. I touched on those earlier, but to be clear, I’m talking about employee packages and clock management in the first half.

Personally, if Austin Hopper is on the field, the defense knows it’s a pass. If Geoff Swaim is on the field, they know it’s a race and they play together accordingly. Or it simply doesn’t make sense to pack up the staff, like having a blank background space and splitting Jeff Swim, Tori Carter and Derek Henry as wide as receiver.

Be more creative with your employee packages, what else is there to say? It is an abomination.

Then, before the break, down 17-7 with 45 seconds remaining and two timeouts, why did you decide to pack it up against one of the best offenses in the NFL and not try to get at least three points?

This was also a fiasco for Mike Frabel.

The only defense I had for Downing was that injuries hampered the Titans from the first hit. Trenton Cannon and Taylor Liwan both left the match before the second offensive match.

But now, the Tennessee Titans have played two terrible back-to-back games in attack.

In this game specifically, I find it difficult to even provide many examples of what worked because I’m blocking some of those memories and also because Titans have rarely been on the field for longer than three times at a time.

If I had to see Henry another outdoorsy, I’d have Ryan Stonehouse catch me in the sun.

I’m not sure how much hope fans of the Tennessee Titans can have with Downing at the helm of crime. It’s a disaster and there are few words for the complete suffocation the Titans just suffered, but especially considering how weak the defense is with injuries, the offense must get better or the season is already over.

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