Week Three Q&A: How will pirates deal with their injuries?

an introduction

Acme Packing: The Buccaneers have had a spate of injuries to start the season. What is the most noteworthy infection, and how has the hacker dealt with it thus far?

Jill Arcia: I don’t think it was one in particular, per se, but rather as a whole. The injuries across the offensive line were incredible. From Ryan Jensen’s center, guarding Aaron Steny, left-footed Donovan Smith, and medley man Josh Wells, he honestly had a tough time fouling the Bucs and probably part of the problem with their attack. Surprisingly, however, quarterback Tom Brady has managed to keep some pocket time, and there were gaps in running back Leonard Fournette to run. I think this is due to the offensive coordinator calling the right plays and Brady making the right connections.

The depth of the wide receiver will now have challenges as well as it won’t get too deep due to injuries. Julio Jones, Chris Goodwin, Russell Gage, Prishad Berryman, and Scotty Miller all have injuries. So it will be interesting to see who is playing this weekend and who is out – and for how long.

APC: What’s going well for attack hacking so far? Did things look noticeably different than they did with Bruce Aryan at the helm?

GA: Well, given the lack of scoring for the reasons mentioned earlier, the offense actually showed more variety on the court. Buccaneers have always had a variety of plays, and we only watch those plays called more. It looks like Brady no longer looks for 15+ yards constantly and seems to be scanning more across all ranges of the field. Bruce Arians committed the offense at the hands of offensive coordinator Byron Liftwich, but this year looked a little different. The gameplay selection looks better and some themes seem to work well during the twenties. The red zone was another story.

APC: There’s no shortage of noteworthy names in the Buccaneers defense, but who’s the one Packers fans might not know about this one to watch?

GA: He might be a little more “known” this season than last because he’s started, but I have to say Joe Tryon Soyinka. The passer of the second year was always in the background with his speed and movement which he used in attacking tackles. If there is one person to watch, I will definitely watch. The child is fun to follow around in the field.

APC: If you were to slow down a hacker attack, how would you do that? How do you attack their defense?

GA: Tampa Bay’s offensive line is shaky, for not having a better time. If I were the firmness, I would attack and attack more often. Although Tampa Bay’s protection was decent, with injuries and inexperience along their streak, Green Bay should consider causing a lot of confusion to get to Brady and also block any potential running lanes.

As for the defensive attack, the pirates did not give up many big plays, especially through the air. However, against the Saints, New Orleans had some success running the ball. With Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon, I’d give the Bucs intro a big dose of both and wear them consistently.

APC: What is your prediction for Sunday?

GA: I picked against them last week, and that was against the bad New Orleans offensive. This week we are talking about a Green Bay team led by Aaron Rodgers and he has a very good background against a very good Buccaneers defense. But due to all the injuries Tampa Bay suffers throughout the offense, I’m not sure if it will be enough to win the victory. I’ll take the Packers, 20-16.

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