Will Taylor Swift lead the Super Bowl Halftime Show in 2023? Fans are convinced they’ve found clues

(NEXSTAR) – It’s almost unbelievable that Up With People would be invited to perform at the Super Bowl on five separate occasions, yet it never occurred to Taylor Swift Once The title of the first half show.

However, her fans are convinced that 2023 looks like her year, thanks to some “clues” that they believe the NFL and Apple Music have fallen overnight.

The NFL announced Friday that Pepsi’s Super Bowl Halftime Show has chosen a new sponsor for Apple Music. In conjunction with the announcement, both NFL and Apple Music shared posts on social media announcing their partnership at midnight.

By doing so, they also set the Swifties to salivate.

Fans believe the timing of the midnight posts is a reference to Swift’s upcoming album “Midnights,” which is due out on October 21. Some were also convinced that the line displayed in the ads matched the cover of her “Midnights” album.

“This is a 100% Taylor Swift Super Bowl Show Tip. Posted at midnight. In the Midnights line. See you in February” A fan wrote on Twitter.

“So messy that the NFL announced a Super Bowl sponsor in the middle of the night, so we all knew it was going to be Taylor Swift playing the show. I love that so much,” Another tweet.

As explained by Variety, TMZ, and several other major entertainment outlets, Swift also endorsed Diet Coke — a fact that would not have made it an ideal choice for halftime shows between 2013 and 2022, when Pepsi was the event’s sponsor.

On the other hand, Apple Music was once the exclusive home of Swift’s entire music catalog. Swift also starred in a 2016 commercial for Apple Music, in which she painfully encounters plants on a treadmill.

Despite the speculation, neither Apple Music nor the NFL confirmed Swift’s participation in Super Bowl Halftime 2023. Meanwhile, Variety has already stated that “this is happening,” citing three “sources close to the situation.” On the other hand, People magazine claims that they learned the exact opposite – that Swift is in no way destined to perform.

Anyway, one thing is certain early on before Super Bowl Halftime 2023 premieres: Up With People will almost certainly still be available.

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