With Sales Team Robert Sarver, Sunshine On Brighter Days

We are fascinated, even obsessed, with crime and punishment.

Even in sports, games often take a back seat in off-court issues involving those who play or those who write checks.

Sometimes these issues are more important.

Take the story of Phoenix Suns owner and Robert Sarver, which is front-page news less than a week after the opening of the NBA training camps.

A week ago, the NBA suspended Sarver for one year and fined him a maximum of $10 million for a history of obscene, racist and abusive behavior throughout his 18 years of ownership of the Suns.

Sarver announced Wednesday that he will sell his stake in the teams because he wants what’s best for organizations and doesn’t want to be a distraction.

He’s doing himself what the NBA should have done but he just didn’t have the guts for it. This needs to change.

His punishment fits his crime.

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