World Cup Kits – Shirt Ranking for the 2022 World Cup

You don’t have to love facts and don’t kill the messenger.

These are the cautionary statements from this writer ahead of this post, which will assess the five things to watch closest to during September’s US men’s team friendlies against Japan and Saudi Arabia.

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With Jordan Pivok surprisingly left off this list, the breeder is already threatening to leave the front, so a reminder:

Greg Berhalter’s decisions are what we think of here, not what any individual writer might do (Jordan Pivok, John Brooks, Tim Ream, and Djorje Mihajlovic would really like to take one in particular).

So read on, as we take stock of the ratings that were the last two rounds of World Cup warm-up matches with the prized tournament approaching in full force.

What does Christian Pulisic look like (in figure and face)?

Christian Pulisic is, basically, very good for CONCACAF. He’s also better off being a part-time player at the moment, which he represents with Chelsea.

The strong USMNT striker has a permanent chip on his shoulder and should feel liberated as one of the focal points of the side.

The fact that the modifier “one of” was included in a discussion about a player who was – and may be – the show’s generational talent shows how golden the growth of the young players on the show has been; Weston McKinney, Tyler Adams, and Brendan Aaronson are among the talents that have continued to climb but haven’t touched their roof.

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So who is 24-year-old Pulisic (as of Sunday) now and what is his mental state? Are the 177 minutes he’s played for Chelsea out of 900 this season due to poor management, or are they worth it in form in training?

Pulisic has not scored a goal or assist for Chelsea this season, but he has no such slum, PS in his USMNT career. He has 21 goals and 12 assists in 51 international matches and not everything is CONCACAF’s dominance despite the new Nations League calendar which states that recent matches have been against regional enemies; Pulisic assisted in the 3-0 win over Morocco and scored in the 2-1 away win over Northern Ireland.

His American play and body language will be read as much as his commercial with Roy Kent was aired on TV, which is fitting because this World Cup tournament is definitely filling up squeeze-compress-pressure-compress.

How severe is Matt Turner and the goalkeepers?

Some would say Arsenal’s reserve goalkeeper was already No. 1 on the USMNT’s goalkeeper depth chart, but Zach Stephen’s injury problems made the first shirt ready to grab if it wasn’t already.

Turner, 28, has made 18 caps for the United States and, when in good health, was the first choice in his last three World Cup qualifiers. He has started every other fixture since his return to international friendlies in June and the Nations League matches against Morocco and Grenada.

It was Aaron Ramsdale’s second choice since his move from Arsenal, but Turner made his debut for Arsenal and the Europa League with a 2-1 victory over Zurich in Switzerland.

So far Turner enters September camp as the clear #1 among the current call-ups, ahead of Luton Town’s Ethan Horvath and NYC’s Shawn Johnson.

It’s also an important camp for Horvath, as he feels inevitable that Johnson has earned the status of third guard. Johnson is five years older than Turner and six years older than Horvath and Stephen, and Berhalter had plenty of praise for the veteran. Horvath was good for Hatters in the Football League Championship, but what if Stephen was healthy and only had one place left after Turner and Johnson?

Will the drought period end in Germany and Spain?

Some will dismiss this query given that soccer’s rich stature in the United States certainly gets a lot of games played on American soil, providing limited opportunities to perform outside of the United States.

But Yank has not won in six consecutive games, drawing with El Salvador, Mexico and Jamaica while losing to Costa Rica, Canada and Panama since the 4-1 win over Honduras. San Pedro Sula On September 8, 2021.

Keep in mind that the friendlies in this window are against strong, hungry Asian teams preparing for the World Cup, and you’ll have everything needed for the right tests.

Japan beat South Korea in July and Ghana in June. The losses to Brazil and Tunisia show that they can be overcome, but Japan had victories over a lot of World Cup contributors in the rearview mirror. Austria and Saudi Arabia combined to take just three points from Japan in the World Cup qualifiers (the Saudis won 1-0 in Jeddah).

Captain Maya Yoshiya is not the only familiar name in the Japanese squad, as Arsenal’s Takehiro Tomiyasu, Monaco’s Takumi Minamino, Eintracht Frankfurt’s Daiichi Kamada and Real Sociedad’s Takefuso Kubo are behind the dangerous Celtic strikers Kyogo Furuhashi and Daisen Maeda.

As for Saudi Arabia, 13W-4D-1L went into playoffs and play Much From the 1-0 matches including the recent friendly losses in Spain against Colombia and Venezuela. The team will also feel at home in Murcia, where they played those matches and where they will tangle with Ecuador four days before the mile against Berhalter’s men.

Honestly, these are tough tests for the USMNT team. The Berhalter is the 14th ranked team in FIFA and is ranked 23rd in the Elo Ratings.

Here’s where those rest, along with their opponents in September and their opponents in the World Cup group stage:

  • England 5/12
  • USMNT 14/23
  • Wales 19/22
  • Iran 22/25
  • Japan 24/29
  • Saudi Arabia 53/59

The game(s) are running.

Who, if any, can break down the list of candidates?

We’ve got a good read of definitions and very similar when it comes to Qatar listing.

First, let’s use two meta-scales. Who was used in the official video of the unveiling of the US soccer jersey? And who is included in Panini’s collectible FIFA World Cup 2022 poster book?

Sticker book: Turner, Stephen, Dest, Long, Richards, A. Robinson, Yadlin, Zimmermann, Aaronson, Acosta, Adams, McKinney, Moses, Ferreira, Pepe, Pulisic, Reina, Ya

The unveiling of the jersey: Adams, Aronson, Pulisic, A. Robinson, Long, McKinney, Zimmerman, Dust, Richards, Weah, Acosta, Ferreira, Moses, Areola, Reina, Long, De la Torre, Yadlin, Morris, Carter Vickers, Tillman.

Who can break down the party?

Josh Sargent, Johnny Cardoso, Joe Scully, Eric Palmer Brown, Mark McKenzie, Reggie Cannon, Ethan Horvath, and Shawn Johnson are all on the list this month and are not in the above categories. Mackenzie, Palmer Brown, and Cardoso are only called up due to injuries, so this is a huge opportunity for them.

Where is the front focus now?

Barring the injuries, we are sure Pulisic, Aaronson, Areola, Ferreira, Weah and Reina are ready for Qatar.

It doesn’t leave room for a lot of others, does it?

While positioning groups are often drained from this close-to-tournament kind, what makes the USMNT front ranks intriguing is that not only is the job of the primary offensive position still in play, but it can come from someone who isn’t even there. right Now.

This is Jordan Pivok, who will loom over the discussions anyway but will overshadow them if one of the next players fails to strike their own deal.

Ricardo Pepez had bright outings for Groningen, going the window with Josh Sargent in his now resplendent form and very bright prospects at some points during their tenure.

Jordan Morris is a proven commodity, but Areola’s preferred position means Berhalter will keep plenty of like-minded players on the field. However, the presence of Aaronson and Maurice in this camp means that the September group as well as Weah can do very well The Collection.

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