Yankees name Miguel Andujar appointment

The Yankees announced that they have identified Miguel Andujar for commissioning. This move clears a place in the 40 players list for Zach Britton, who was taken back from the infected list for 60 days. To open a place for Woods in the active list, New York put Sothebow Wanda Peralta At 15 days IL, retrospective to 19 September, with narrowing of the thoracic spine.

The appointment of Andegar will likely end his time for Kianke. Signed as an amateur free agent back in 2011, he developed into one of the organization’s best prospects a few years later. Andújar did well on his way up the minor league ladder, earning a cup of coffee late in the 2017 season. The right-handed hitter was widely regarded among the top prospects in the sport prior to 2018, and quickly took over the position as the third baseman in the league. New York.

During his junior season at age 23, Andugar made .297/ .328/ .527 with 606 board appearances. He made 27 home runs and 47 doubles, finishing third in the majors in the last category. It wasn’t a flawless season – he didn’t walk much and his defensive scores were below par – but it was an undoubtedly impressive effort that seemed to cement him in the middle of the Yankees’ standings for years to come. He finished second on this year’s MLS Rookie Ballot, collecting the five first-place votes that didn’t go to Shuhei Ohtani.

This season has been impressive, and Andújar hasn’t had an extended chance to build on it in the four years since. This is due in large part to injury, as he tore his right shoulder early in the 2019 campaign. He played in just 12 games before undergoing surgery at the end of the season. By the time he’s back in health for 2020, Jiu Orchila It has erupted and claimed the hot corner in the Bronx. Andygar was relegated to a deep role, bouncing between Triple A Scranton/Wilks Barr and New York as needed, but he never appeared in more than 45 games in a season.

Andújar hasn’t done much in those short periods to ensure a more regular playing time. Dating back to the start of the 2020 campaign, he has a streak of only .244/.272/.346 with eight Homers in 327 trips to the plate. Obviously that’s not enough for a bat player first, but it’s fair to wonder if he would have been able to perform better if the Yankees had more consistent players to give him. Instead, he’s been caught in something of a catch-22 for three seasons: he didn’t play well enough to earn daily reps on a team that’s now winning, so there’s no chance of getting back on track.

Constant change on and off the roster has made Andújar a frequent subject of trading speculation, and the 27-year-old is said to have requested to be traded on multiple occasions in search of a new opportunity. While the Yankees have been open to offers on this summer’s deadline (and very likely in the lead-up to August), they haven’t found a deal to their liking. Instead, they kept Andújar as an in-depth player while gaining more corner-court experience as well as his inner workings.

The apparent lack of available playing time has become so glaring that the Yankees have now decided to remove it from the list altogether. As the trading deadline passes, they will have no choice but to put it into concessions in the next few days. It seems likely that another team will make a claim. Andújar not only had some success in MLB a few years ago, but he’s had a solid .285/.330/.487 streak with 13 long balls in 297 three-way games this season. He’s only been involved in strikes on 11.8% of those trips, showing the combination of connection and strength that once made him a promising up-and-coming player.

Andújar is making $1.3 million this season, but less than $100k of that amount still needs to be paid. He will likely finish this season with MLB service over four years, which means he will be eligible to referee two more times after this year. This is Andújar’s final year in the minor league, so he has had to break camp with another team next season or be set back for appointment.

As for the other players, this is a notable comeback for Britton. The veteran Southpaw has yet to throw the MLB pitch this season after undergoing a UCL replacement last September. That led to a frustrating end to what was already a difficult season, with Britton scoring just 5.89 ERAs over 18 1/3 innings while struggling with multiple injuries in 2021. He’s appeared eight times in a minor league rehab and is now back on an active roster. With just under two weeks to try and win a place on the playoff list.

Britton is making $14 million this season, the final year of a contract he signed in January 2019. The 34-year-old will return to free agency at the end of the season. He wouldn’t come close to that kind of salary on his next deal, but a strong showing in the extended period and in the playoffs could earn him a few million dollars in the open market.

With Britton interfering as a left-handed option for manager Aaron Boone, Peralta heads off the shelf. He quietly had an excellent 2022 campaign, working a 2.72 ERA on 56 1/3 frames while holding a foot south of the lean .155/.211/.211 in 77 plate appearances. It will be a nice ostensible weapon for post-season, and Boone told reporters this afternoon that the club expects to return before the end of the regular season (via MLB.com’s Brian Hoch).

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