Albert Pujols hits Homers 699 and 700

LOS ANGELES – Albert Pujols made his way into the exclusive 700-home club when he drilled the second half of a two-round home run Friday night at Dodger Stadium, with the achievement capped in the fourth inning by right-hander Phil Pickford.
The 42-year-old Pujols, who said this was the final season of his 22-year career, joined Barry Bonds (762 home points), Hank Aaron (755) and Babe Ruth (714) as the only dodgers in AL/history NL to hit at least 700 long balls in his career. Pujols and Aaron are the only ones to have at least 3,000 hits and 700 home runs.
After spinning around the bases, Pujols went straight to Adrian Beltre for a top-five through the net. He was then greeted outside the dugout by his Cardinals teammates. Not only did the crowd at Dodgers Stadium applaud him, the witty Cardinals greeted him with chants of “Pu-jols! Pu-jols! Pu-jols” and “Al-bert! Albert! Albert!”
Pujols hit #699 against left-handed bowler Andrew Heaney in the third inning and Dodgers coach Dave Roberts went to the Bulls’ center for Pickford before Pujols advanced to the plate. Then he hits another long ball from Pickford to move to club number 700.
The Pujols also hit his 499th and 500th in the same match with the Angels against the Nationals in DC on April 22, 2014.
Friday’s home runs are the 20th and 21st Pujols of the season. The veteran joins Aaron (20) and Bonds (19) as lone players with at least 18 seasons out of 20 or more. This was his fourth game on multiple grounds this season and the 61st time he has scored at least twice at home in a single game.
Pujols’ second dinner also expanded his AL/NL record to 455 shots during his career. He came in second season after Bonds (449), but left him on August 29 in Cincinnati and went on to extend the record with a flurry of home runs after All-Stars.
Pujols hit No. 698 last Friday at St. Louis Bush Arena to help the Cardinals recover from a three-time deficit and defeat the Reds. Before he hit #699, five of Pujols’ previous six home runs had either drawn the match or put the Cardinal ahead. Also, there’s this stat to back up how important the Pujols were in the Cardinals’ rise to the top of NL Central: Prior to Homer’s 699 Pujols, the Cardinals were 15-1 in the games he had made and 3-0 in the instances where he hit twice on home soil.
In the days after No. 698, Pujols went 0-for-9 in the next three games, preventing him from getting close to 700 in front of selling crowds at Busch Stadium. About 94,977 fans thronged Busch Stadium for a double header on Saturday in hopes of seeing the Pujols march in a race to 700. 47,909 other fans – including the 26th Cardinal Sale of the season and the sixth largest crowd in the 16-year history of Busch III Stadium – attended Sunday’s game only to see Pujols and Cardinals are closed.
It should come as no surprise that Pujols come home number 699 and 700 down the road. Prior to No. 699, he had made 11 home runs this season on the road — and had two of his three two-man performances — compared to just eight in the hot, humid air at Busch Stadium. In his career, Pujols hit more roadmates (369) than home blasts (331).
Among his major home runs, Pujols made his first home runs (2001), 100 (2003) and 500 (2014) while playing on the road. He now has 466 homers as cardinals, 222 as owners and 12 with Dodgers.
After cutting .215/.301/.376 with six Homer, 20 RBIs and .676 OPS in the first half of the season, Pujols has since begun looking like the fearsome slug he was earlier in his career. He lowered .313/.377/.657 with 13 Homer, 33 RBI and 1,034 OPS in his first 47 games of the second half. Pujols only had four mills as of June before launching three in July and eight in August. Number 699 was his fifth home run in September.

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