Amidst a ‘frustrating time’, ‘the Brave’ Ronald Acuna is trying to get healthy

“I think the highs and lows are going to happen, and I think you just have to focus on your routine.

“First time for me,” said Acuña. “It was a really weird thing, honestly, something I wasn’t used to, just because it hadn’t happened before. The day before, I was feeling fine. But as far as (a) coming back, hopefully as soon as possible.”

Asked what his coaching staff had said to him about Akunya on Friday, Snicker said, “Just that he can’t go. He wasn’t good enough to go. We’ll just deal with him and hopefully he can go tomorrow.”

On the last court, the player went to 7 for 23 with three pairs, two home runs and seven RBIs. Walked twice and hit five times. Play great defense. View all his tools.

He looked like Ronald Acuña.

This was, of course, a promising sign for the brave, who hope to repeat as world champions this fall. They won without Acuña last year, but he’s one of the best talents in the sport. The Braves are more dangerous when their star is at his best.

This cannot happen until Acuña overcomes his recent illness.

He said, “I think the highs and lows are going to happen, and I think you just have to stay focused on your routine.”

Change in Sheikh

Bryce Elder may be different than the one who debuted in April and spent a month with the Braves before they picked him up.

“Because I figured out what I can do is what I can do — I won’t be able to do more by trying harder,” Elder said Friday. “So really, just kind of secure what I can do and get the balls up and work through the orders, and that’s what I’m trying to do.”

Over four games in April, Elder allowed 10 earned runs over the course of 19 rounds. He walked 14 hitters while he was hitting 12.

In the three starting points since then, Elder has allowed two runs gained over 18-2/3 frames. He has 22 strikes and seven walks. The competition wasn’t elite – Elder made two of those starts against Miami and one against the national team – but the Right is attacking more consistently.

“When I was in the major leagues (in April), I was about to cheat the hitters instead of just promoting my matches and trusting what I do,” Elder said. “Obviously we’ll look at an exploratory report, and if we need to, we’ll, but that’s not the first thing I have to go. Down in Triple-A, I’ve just been out, throwing my stuff—no matter who’s against it—and I found out that this It works on all levels, so I had to keep doing it.”

Always with the Braves, Elder gives the club the option of an instant start and a longtime person out of the game. He has used his time at Triple-A Gwinnett to his advantage, and it is paying off.

Struggle to get started.

Chosen by the Braves, Elder published 5.10 ERA over five starts in May. He had a 6.67 ERA over the course of five starting in June. In those two months, he scored four starts in which he gave up at least five winning runs.

Since the beginning of July, Elder has allowed more than three rounds to start at once, including his time in the seniors.

“I’m sure I’m more confident, and confidence leads to execution, just because you think that when you perform shows, you get a chance against anyone,” Elder said.

The last reliance on carrier pigeons

Entering Friday, the Braves had gone straight without scoring at home, tying for the club’s longest running streak of the season. It is the sixth time that the Braves have failed to beat Homer in consecutive matches.

Braving is one of the most important crimes in sport – and perhaps the best. One big reason: From one to nine, they have household threats. It also contains a few of the best baseball players.

But before the second match against Velez, the Braves lost the last six matches in which they failed to win at home.

“It’s kind of what we do,” Snicker said of hitting the house. “I just said, too, that it’s not a great way to live, but it’s kind of who we are. It’s hard to score for us when you don’t hit the ground running.”

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