Beecher is looking to benefit in the first camp

Boston Johnny Beecher doesn’t see his time coaching the Bruins as just a way to gain experience. He views this opportunity as an opportunity to show that he belongs at the level of the NHL.

“Try to make the team,” Beecher said of his goals for the next few weeks. “Just like everyone else here. I said it the other day, it’s my childhood dream to play in the NHL, especially with the Boston Bruins. So just give it my all and hope for the best.”

The 2019 first-round pick enters his first professional training camp after three years with the University of Michigan and a brief stint with the Providence Bruins last spring. Having found himself in the shadows of some of Michigan’s other superstars, the 21-year-old appears to have liberated his attacking game since arriving in Providence as he netted five points (three goals, two assists) in nine games. He then went on to score in all of the Three Horizons Challenge games in Buffalo last weekend.

“I think it’s absolutely wonderful for every puck to see the ball in the net,” Beecher said. “And I think it’s really important that we try to carry that momentum in the training camp and then two games before the start of the season.”

Beecher added that over the summer he was able to develop an “attack mentality” after being the “first pass player” to this point in his career.

“I’ve talked about it a few times throughout the summer, how much I worked on the offensive side of the game and the scoring touch and little things like that,” Beecher said. “I’m only 21, definitely not at the height of my career yet. But I’ve put in a lot of hard work over the past six months. I’m excited to show everyone kind of ‘I got it now.'”

Video: Beecher speaks to the media on Thursday afternoon

The Elmira, New York native also feels lighter on the ice after dropping about 10-15 pounds since last season. He’s now checking in at around 215.

“Sure. I mean, in the third game I felt like it was probably the best my legs have felt all weekend, which was a huge positive sign for me,” said Beecher, who worked with a potential center teammate. Jack Studnica In most of the summer.

“I was a bit nervous when I was in the summer and then I play three times [games] in four [days]. But the legs are well raised. And it was a big part for me of why I wanted to lose weight. I was definitely happy with that.”

Montgomery noticed that he was able to pick up Beecher’s speed instantly.

“I thought it was really good [on the first day of camp,” he said. “His speed looked really good. I liked the way he attacked middle ice and kicked pucks out and drove to hard ice. It was a really good first day…right now [we’re looking at him as a center] Center only because he won many draws; He won a lot of them in Providence and won many draws in Buffalo.”

Wait, there’s more

  • Montgomery said he needs to check with medical staff before settling on Saturday’s openers playlist in Philadelphia. “We are very close,” he said. “I have to talk to medicine about two guys with some soft tissue issues before we can confirm and know everything.”
  • Regarding any players entering into the Professoinal Tryout Agreement, Montgomery said, “I know we’d hope to have a PTO to announce but nothing is certain to my knowledge yet.”
  • Montgomery had great praise To David Buster (“I knew David Pasternak was good, I didn’t know he was good this is good and Derek Forport (“He’s fast, he finishes plays, he understands some of the things we’ve already given) As players he caught his eye during two days of training camp, but they also mentioned Jacob Zborel – Whoever comes out of a torn ACL – as someone who has a strong start. “I think it’s been really good both days,” Montgomery said. “I think he was finishing plays. I loved how firm he was with the disc. I loved his decision making. Really happy with the start of camp.”
  • Patrice Bergeron He was happy with the first two days of boot camp under a new coach, saying: “It was great, it was organized, no time wasted on the drills, high pace, high tempo. That’s how we like it. Working on the chassis especially this year with a few tweaks here and there In the system, we have to adapt to that and get used to it, so I think the more reps, the better.”
  • The B team captain said he aims to play two of the six games before the season. “Usually two numbers are a good number,” Bergeron said. “I think the first is a good way to get rid of the rust and work on your game and some of the things you can work on, the things you’re happy with, and the second you’re feeling better and ready for the opening game after that.”

Video: Montgomery addresses the media on Friday at WIA

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