Bump: Hawks give Seahawks a chance to right mistakes from loss to 49ers

The Seahawks enter Week 3 with a 1-1 draw and will host the Atlanta Falcons, who have lost both of their first two games of the season.

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While the rivalry may not seem like much at first glance, the future of the former NFL Michael Bombus He thinks facing the Hawks is a good thing for the Seahawks defense that didn’t perform well last week against the San Francisco 49ers. He broke down why during Thursday’s Bump and Stacy on Seattle Sports 710 AM.

“So, what beat them last week? said Pompos.

The 49ers piled 189 yards to the ground en route to an easy 27-7 win over the Seahawks, and that helped them control the clock from 38:20 to 21:40 in Seattle.

The Falcons may be 0-2, but they were strong in the running game, coming in 16th in the league and entering Week 3. That’s in part because they have a moving midfielder in Marcus Mariota.

The 49ers in Week Two pulled guards and tackles on a regular basis, used key-backs to block the shots and used a lot of bluffing.

“I’ve seen a movie on the Hawks, they do a lot of the same things,” Bombus said. “Through the movement, they play with 12 and 21 out – 12 means there’s one running backwards and two tight ends, 21 backs running and one tight end. They do a lot of those things and they do chest compressions.”

Bumpus said the 49ers are a better team and have better personnel than the Falcons, but because they do many of the same things as the offensive San Francisco, it gives the Seahawks the opportunity to improve in the areas where they struggled last week right away.

“They’re going to have that tight butt end, boom, blast the D-end, they’re going to pick the D-end, they’re going to pull guard tackle, they do a lot of the same things that the 49 do. Again, they’re not as good as the 49, so this is going to be an opportunity It’s for these guys to work on the things you beat them last week,” Pompos said.

So what is Bump going to keep a close eye on with this Seahawks defense?

“These linebackers need to step up and beat these guards with some perseverance. I felt like they were fishing a little bit,” he said. “That will give those ends time to practice being patient and reading and taking that narrow end with your inner shoulder, keeping everything in and not taking the bait and going out. Schematically, that’s good for them. It’s good for Clint Hurt also to correct some of his mistakes and train these guys. Great learning experience for these guys this week.”

Listen to Bump and Stacy Thursday at this link or in the player below.

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