“It’s still the problem in today’s game…this list is great” – NBA Analyst confirms LeBron James continues to dominate the league and is third ahead of Nikola Jokic and the best player in the league in the top 5 list

According to former NBA player Kendrick Perkins, LeBron James is still a force to be reckoned with in the league. After ESPN released a somewhat controversial rating, people who disagreed made a ranking of their own.

Despite James’ impressive season with historic performances, it wasn’t enough for ESPN to include him in the top five. James fell to sixth place. A year ago, James was third. However, that wasn’t a huge drop, and it’s worth noting that he fell outside the top five after missing the playoffs.

According to ESPN, his team’s lack of success was the reason they ranked an 18-time All-Star in sixth place. Last season was the second time James missed the playoffs as the Los Angeles Lakers’ leader.

Because of injuries and how the roster was formed, the Lakers went disappointing 33-49. But LeBron James is still playing at an elite level, and that’s something to think about. Last season, he climbed to second in the all-time scoring list. This brings him closer to the number one position occupied by the legendary Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

As for Kendrick Perkins, he still thinks LeBron James is a capable player in the league today. This is where Burke ranks the four-time champion:

“In third, I’ll go with LeBron James. People can say whatever they want. I know he’ll be eligible for his pension in seven years, and I understand that.” He still averaged 30 last season, which is still the problem in today’s game. …this list is fantastic.”

.Tweet embed List of the top five players in the NBA đź‘€ 1. Giannis Antetokounmue 2. Stephen Curry 3. LeBron James 4. Nikola Jokic 5. Joel Embiid https://t.co/aUgA36ChaV

Perkins may be accurate with putting LeBron in his player ratings. For a player of James’ caliber, he deserves a lot of credit.

LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook have fallen in the ESPN ratings

Over the past few days, ESPN released its player rankings for 2022. People were clearly interested to see where they ranked the Lakers’ Big Three after a frustrating season. Of the three, Russell Westbrook had the most significant drop. Last year, Westbrook was at No. 29. But this year, it’s down to No. 6 65.

Anthony Davis, unlike Westbrook, was able to reach the top 20. But due to his injuries last season, The Brow fell from ninth to 20th.

LeBron James fell three times from third to sixth.

The Lakers are looking to avenge their previous outing with a new coach and roster tweaks.

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