‘LeBron James is playing for a franchise that sold his soul to win one title’ – NBA analyst doubts LeBron James will win the title with current Lakers roster, says he still has a window to control the game

NBA analyst Mike Greenberg believes LeBron James is playing for an organization that “sold its soul to win a title.”

The Los Angeles Lakers hope to get back on track to compete in the Western Conference. The 2021-22 campaign was a disappointment for the Lakers. After entering the season with aspirations to tour the playoffs, the team’s season took a turn for the worse.

The Lakers finished 11th last season and missed the championship. Although the team has made a number of strategic additions this season, doubts remain that they will have enough pieces to compete in a very competitive Western Conference.

Time is running out for the organization despite LeBron James’ dominance on the field.

Speaking recently on ESPN, analyst Mike Greenberg feels James still has the potential to be a standout player in the NBA. However, he didn’t hold back on saying that LeBron is also playing for a franchise who “sold his soul to win a title”. Greenberg said:

“LeBron James is playing for the privilege that sold their soul to win one title and they won it. His fellow racer Anthony Davis has never been so healthy. You can put LeBron on a team and be in the playoffs. I think he gives you a better chance of winning every game he plays.”

LeBron James and Los Angeles Lakers look to send a statement in 2022-23

Los Angeles Lakers veteran LeBron James in the 2022 Summer Basketball League
Los Angeles Lakers veteran LeBron James in the 2022 Summer Basketball League

It was great to see what LeBron does at the age of 37. Despite the team’s struggles last season, James still averages 30.3 points, 8.2 rebounds and 6.2 assists per game on 52.4% shots from the field.

There’s no denying that James can still get the job done at a high level. With his play at that level, the Lakers could run in the playoffs. However, a major part of their season will be fellow superstar Anthony Davis, who has struggled to stay healthy throughout his career.

“There is no way in hell I don’t have LeBron James and Kevin Durant among my top 5 players… There is no way in hell, 5 players in the world are better than LeBron James and Kevin Durant. That is impossible!”Tweet embed In the latest ESPN NBA player ratings

If Davis can stay healthy, the Lakers will have one of the most talented duos in the league. They added veterans Patrick Beverly and Dennis Schroeder in the off-season. The team is also hoping that Russell Westbrook will rebound after a poor 2021-22 season.

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