New York Rangers’ smashing mistakes from “Grettke” to Leas Anderson’s trip

The long summer continues as fans wait for the next New York Rangers season to start.

With anticipation growing as to what this team can do after an exciting run for the Eastern Conference Final, it’s time to take a look at the rich history of the franchise.

The Blueshirts have been in the NHL since 1926 and have had some great moments. Of course, being around this long have had their share of some embarrassing things, too.

So we decided to bring you back a few true gems of the bug from the Rangers archive.

In 1979, some of the hockey greats decided it was a good idea to get into the rock ‘n’ roll business. This is a classic but very awkward when you look back. I suspect Phil Esposito Entry into the Hall of Fame was postponed because of this. “How did you know it was the reference!!!”

It might have been really cool back in the day, but that’s definitely embarrassing now.

Was there something funny in the air in 1979? Anders HedbergAnd the Ron DogwayAnd the Dave Maloney And of course… Phil Esposito appeared in a popular commercial for jeans that backfired completely. The “Ooh La La Sasson” streak will be changed to Ooh La La So Soon when the Rangers are eliminated from the playoffs.

The jeans were nice though.

Well, well…if Hockey Sock Rock wasn’t bad enough, John Davidson He did a clip for the NHL version straight to video in the ’80s that will make you shake your head.

Phil Esposito led the charge again with Ron Dugway and Dave Maloney. Also in the video is a song by some of the L.A. Kings stars including Marcel Dionne, who will later play with the Rangers as well.

John Giannone is one of the best in the business, but this moment during the old MSG broadcast in 2015 is one he’d like to forget. In fairness to John, it wasn’t his fault alone because someone in the truck had broadcast the wrong clip.

After a short ad break, the fitting clip aired and Giannon captured the moment as beautifully as he always does.

great mistake

It’s the spelling of Gretsky! No Gretky!

Did the Rangers really do that? Yes, on October 30, 1997, Rangers misspelled the name of the greatest hockey player in the world to ever hook on skates. Against carrots no less! I bet many of you have shut this awkward moment away. Sorry to highlight this disaster again. Wayne Gretzky We apologize…again…and again.

Wayne Gretzky’s incredible career spanned 20 years starting with the Edmonton Oilers. He was then traded to the Los Angeles Kings in what is still considered one of the sport’s most shocking moves. Gretzky interrupted with the St. Louis Blues before ending his illustrious career on Broadway.

All-time leader in the National Hockey League with 2,857 points: Wayne Gretzky – I mean Gretzky.

Lias Andersson falls on opening night

Lias Andersson experienced one of the goalkeeper’s most embarrassing moments. The setting was for opening night against the Winnipeg Jets on October 3, 2019.

Anderson was really relieved to be out of training camp after forming the squad for the 2019-20 season. The Rangers first-round pick of the 2017 draft was on the inaugural roster and presented to the public.

The baton was lifted into the air triumphantly to acknowledge the cheers of the fans, and Anderson forgot the perilous TV wire he had shoved down on his way to the ice center.

Rangers went on to win that match 6-4 as Artemi Panarin scored three points on his debut at Garden.

In the end, this was Anderson’s last season with the Rangers. He was eventually traded to the Los Angeles Kings for a second round in the 2020 draft.

Wait a minute? Is there a trend between Rangers and Kings when it comes to blunders? We may have to investigate that in the future.

New York Rangers season changes led by Vincent Trochek and relying on children

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