Peter Schrager: Buffalo Bills ‘locomotive’

This past football season, a few mishaps kept the Buffalo Bills from their ultimate dream of playing and winning the Super Bowl. Josh Allen’s slip against the Tennessee Titans. The last few seconds against the Kansas City Chiefs in the Divisional Round of the Playoffs.

This year, however, bills seem different and crew Good morning football Need to discuss this very thing.

Check out the full clip below or you can read the summaries.

Peter Schrager opened the segment talking about quarterback Josh Allen’s slip at Tennessee State last season and how it was similar to the end of the first half of Monday night’s game. “Last night, they had a similar situation and that was at the end of the first half,” said Schrags. “She goes there and it’s 10-7 and they’re up and they stop at the one!” Instead of kicking the goal, Allen encouraged coach Sean McDermott to attempt a touchdown and obliged.

The play that followed was a beautiful hit from TD to Stefon Diggs’ wide receiver. “That’s right over there. This is a different team!” Schrager shouted. The bills certainly didn’t come short this time.

“They beat the Super Bowl champions and the AFC No. 1 since last year by 72-17,” said the mysterious Schrager as Kyle Brandt raised voices of approval in the background. “This is a locomotive. What a statement!”

“The Bills have played so well for the past two weeks that you find yourself wondering ‘Are they playing real opponents? In fact, star running back Derek Henry only had 25 yards per game.

And speaking of Henry, McCourty told the crowd that Monday night was his worst game statistically in his last 50 games. The Bills defense really made him a non-working person all night long.

Jimmy Erdal wanted to shout out to the Buffalo Bills coach. “There was another person who could have been involved in that conversation to go to the goal line and that was Ken Dorsey,” Erdal said. “The decision-making he’s made and everything he’s done since taking over as Offensive Coordinator for Bills has been incredible.”

Erdal then pointed to this clip that goes viral on social media for Dorsey picking up his schemes near the end of the game and getting up to leave with a smile.

“Right now, they’re just showing up and destroying people,” said Kyle Brandt. “As good as Allen and Diggs are, you’re never drawn enough from Josh Allen to think this is the Josh and Stefon show. This is a top-down team built from the ground up to be unbeatable. They’re the first team you guys.”

However, Brandt is not willing to award the Bills any golds for their performance because that is what the team promised to do. “You’re defeating Ota’s crap teams. You’re supposed to be doing that,” Brandt said.

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