The first event showcases trends in pharmaceutical manufacturing and delivery

Contact in pharma-that annual event from EasyfairsIt was first launched on the 14th and 15th of September in Geneva. Key players from companies in the pharmaceutical industry, including Bayer, Merck, Pfizer, Roche, Johnson & Johnson, and GSK, among others, gathered at the Palexpo Convention Center during the two-day event to hear about the latest innovations and developments in the pharmaceutical industry and drug delivery. and contract manufacturing.

Plural Innovation, product development and manufacturing

Exhibitors representing a wide range of companiesIncluding co-founders BD, Catalent, Körber, BioCorp and Unither PharmaceuticalsOffer services and solutions that aim to reduce costs, reduce speed to market, improve patient healthcare outcomes and reduce their environmental footprint. Featured products and services included new forms of smart syringes for drug delivery, wearables for high-volume biological delivery, modeling tools to ensure drug combinations get approval faster, AI tools built into automated assembly lines, precision robotic assembly machines, and next-generation Aseptic Packaging – Ultimate solutions and customized and scalable services from both large and small contract manufacturers.

J. Villadurai, Director of Strategic Technical Hardware Portfolio at Bayer AG, appreciated the mix of disciplines represented by the exhibitors and speakers: “The event was great. There is innovation, product development and manufacturing. It is about bringing all three together.”

Ece Gulcer, Technology, Innovation and Sustainability Lead in PfizerHe said, “I am always looking for innovative solutions for delivery devices, filling systems and patient focus. At Connect in Pharma, I had the opportunity to see these innovations in person in an amazing setting.”

Elena Obrecht, hmaintenance head aR Johnson & Johnson He said, “It has been a pleasure to meet machine and packaging manufacturers across the supply chain. Connect in Pharma showcased sustainability through interesting packaging solutions. I was inspired by the latest trends in the market, including innovations in medical and pharmaceutical devices.”

Designed for communication

With talks and workshops live on the event floor, participants say it allowed for increased interaction among themselves Pioneers in the field of pharmaceuticals, major suppliers and manufacturers.

“When I saw the exhibition area, I was very impressed,” said Dr. Reda Obeidian, Gerresheimer’s Senior Director of Medical Affairs. “I loved how the conversations were integrated into the exhibition area. Because they were held at one end of the event, this allowed for a level of calm and calm needed when giving a presentation, but also for people to stop and listen when passing by.”

Théophile Griveau-Billion, CEO of Smart reusable packaging Monoceros, in a panel discussion highlighting innovations in sustainable drug packaging. “We had interesting people come over to talk to us afterwards. One drug company we had been trying to reach for months and never came back to us came to me after that and said, ‘We’d like to try it!’”

Two champagne receptions at the open bar and a gala dinner provided additional opportunities for visitors, exhibitors and presenters to exchange ideas and network. The dinner party was held at the historic hotel Villa Sarasin, featured live cooking shows, DJs, and a chance for invitees to mingle across the villa’s lavish rooms, verandas and terraces..

“The dinner was a real event,” said Bas De Gooijer, BD Director at Ecobliss. “I had some interesting conversations with people who shared similar values ​​about the importance of patient focus.”

Awards showcase sustainable innovations in pharmaceutical packaging

At the end of the first day, Dr. Nazneen Rahman, Founder and CEO of YewMakerannounced the winners of the inaugural Sustainable Drug Packaging Awards.

Melinda Su-En Lee, co-founder and CEO of Parcel Health, received the Gold Packaging Award in recognition of the design of a basic plastic-free packaging solution. Su-En Lee shared her personal journey as a pharmacist looking to create recyclable and compostable packaging that also improves packaging functionality. She remembered how, as a young child in Malaysia, she had seen the environmental devastation caused by the plastic waste being shipped there from the US and Europe.

Upon winning the award, Lee said, “Being able to share our product, our vision, and our story with a larger audience is amazing. I would love to see more recyclable and compostable packaging being used, and I hope in the future plastic pill bottles or even plastic bottles will sit sold over the counter in a science museum as a relic of the past, and sustainable options like these would be the primary product.”

Gold, Silver, and Bronze award winners and High Commendation winners have earned recognition in two award categories. In addition to the design award, pioneers who develop ways to keep packaging elements in the system for longer, thus reducing overall waste, have been recognized under the Circularity Award category.

The Golden Distribution Award presented To Kiley Djupstrom, Commercial Development Leader at Plastic Ingenuity, on behalf of the company’s development of Thermoformed plastics that can be reused along the pharmaceutical value chain.

The full list of winners can be found at

Charity work and rare diseases

Concluding presentations by the photography exhibition Rare Days by Ceridwen Hughes and SBD Creative And a charitable partnership with I’ll waita Swiss non-profit organization dedicated to researching and developing new treatments for rare diseases. Easyfairs will donate five Swiss francs to each visitor who attended the event.

I’ll wait Founder and CEO Caroline Kant said: “Connect in Pharma was great for finance consciousness About rare diseases We hope that our participation will help shed light on patients who rely heavily on drug development efforts to bring new treatments to market.”

Renan Joel, Managing Director of Packaging at Easyfairs, concluded, “We are delighted with the success of this inaugural event and the feedback we have received so far. With more than 70% of showroom space already booked for next year, we know this event will go from strength to strength. This first edition has proven to be a great foundation on which to build in the coming years, and we cannot wait to welcome our partners, exhibitors and visitors to an even more dynamic event in June 2023.”

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