Tiger Woods once removed the ‘main misconception’ about his obsession with breaking Jack Nicklaus records

Tiger Woods is a legendary golfer who learned to play golf in his early childhood days. His father was his biggest supporter, advocate and guide. During the 1990s, he was one of the sport’s most dominant athletes.

He was the winner of 14 major championships, but was second only to Jack Nicklaus. Jack was 18 years old and was the record holder. He was focused on surpassing Nicklaus’ record. But there was a great cause and misconception surrounding it. Woods cleared it up, but what was it?


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Eliminate misconceptions

Before Woods turned 40 in 2015, he sat with Time at his restaurant in Jupiter, Florida, with an ice pack on his back. Tiger Woods shared his experiences and talked about his dreams, relationships, struggles and his desire to continue playing golf.

He was the one who wanted to break Jack Nicklaus’ record and win over 18 major championships. The interviewer asked him if he didn’t seem motivated by the idea of ​​breaking the record. Which made him curious, as Woods had Jack’s 18 majors on his bedroom wall as a kid. Woods asked, “Is there any misconception about what drives you?”

Dive deeper

Tiger Woods, after receiving Polar’s corresponding advice from Jack Nicklaus and his father, went on the main winner’s words 18 times and married Elaine Nordegren before he turned 30

28 days ago

Woods removed doubts and said, Well, here’s a misconception that people all got it wrong. That’s what was posted on my wall about Jack’s records. It wasn’t the majors, okay. There was one there. It was the first time he broke the forty, and the first time he broke It’s 80, and it’s the first golf tournament he’s ever won, the first time he’s won a state amateur, the first time he’s won an American amateur title, and the first time he’s won the US Open.”

he added, “That was him. It was that list. It was all about age. To me, that mattered. This guy is the absolute best and the best. If I can beat every age he made, then I have a chance to be the best.”

Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods together


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Although Tiger Woods wanted to reach great heights in his career and break Nicklaus records, they were good friends and always have been. Recently, they both support the PGA Tour amid a controversial start to the LIV Tour of golf.

Golf – The 150th Open – St Andrews, Scotland, Britain – July 11, 2022 Former golfers Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods of the US team Woods during the celebration of the Four-Hole Champions Championship – REUTERS/Andrew Boyers

We saw Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus support the PGA Tour ahead of the 150th Open in St Andrews. Nicklaus said that LIV Golf offered him upwards of $100 million. Nicklaus’ job was similar to Greg Norman, but he declined the offer because he supported the PGA Tour.


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Tiger Woods has always been a loyal member of the PGA Tour, and is now opening a project in partnership with Rory McIlroy to support and promote the PGA Tour. They have laid out the project that will be launched in 2024, where the sport will experience tremendous developments where fans will get to experience golf almost.

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