Update August 2nd: Cubs ex Javier Báez, Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo and Kyle Schwarber, trade deadline open

The Cubs made one deal on Monday and while we waited for the others, I thought I’d change the subject a bit. So, as we wait for deals ahead of today’s 5pm deal deadline, let’s take a look at what several ex-cubs have done since I last updated them last week. Three of those players were dealt with last year’s deadline.

Feel free to use this thread to discuss the trade deadline. Also, site note: Today’s Cubs vs Cardinals match starts at 6:45pm CST, and I usually post the game preview at 4:30pm for this start time. With the trading deadline at 5pm local time, I will instead be posting a preview of today’s game at 5:30pm local time. Any deals announced after the deadline (like any previous deals) will of course have front page coverage.

Javier Baez

Javy has been doing well over his past few matches, hitting .263/.364/.474 (5 for 19) with a double and a home run. He even drew two unintentional walks! His season in OPS is now 0.645, which is the highest level since May 10. Maybe he’ll have a decent season after all.

That performance didn’t help the Tigers, who lost three of the five games Bayes played over the past week. He was not in the Detroit squad on Monday.

This may be why Javy has been hitting better lately:

Chris Bryant

The KB hit .353/ .421/ .471 (6 for 17) over the last five games, but without a home run. He still hasn’t played at Coorse as a member of the Rockies in the 26 games he’s played there, and:

In 42 career games at Coors Field, Bryant has only made two home runs – the first above, May 9, 2017, the second double-header game, off Jeff Hoffman and August 20, 2016, also against Hoffman.

Well, that’s your answer, Rocky – just import Jeff Hoffman to beat Bryant at Coors Arena. Unfortunately for KB, the Reds Hoffman actually made their only 2022 visit to Denver, and it happened in late April, when Bryant was on the injured list.

Speaking of Bryant’s injuries…

Here’s the play Bryant might have done [VIDEO].

He quit the game after that play, and it’s looking more and more like this is going to be a wasted season for Bryant. He has played in only 42 out of 104 games for Rocky. Originally in Monday’s lineup, it was a belated scratch:

And like that:

Anthony Rizzo

The Rizzo has gone 5 vs 16 with three home runs (.313/ .476/ .875) since the last update here, and our friends at SB Nation at Pinstripe Alley have had an insight into the seventh inning of Sunday’s game (check the timestamp):

On the field 1-1 [VIDEO].

That gave the Twitter account Pinstripe Alley an idea:

Too late guys – someone bought the winning ticket at Des Plaines.

For Rizzo, this three-time blast was the 25th of the season and gave the Yankees a 6-4 lead over the Royals, but they ended up losing the game 8-6. On Monday his 26th hit against the sailors.

Kyle Schwarber

Schwarber continues to score but not by much – he’s gone .227/.250/.546 (5 for 22) over the past few games, but two of those hits have been home.

Sunday in Pittsburgh, hit someone too far – oppo [VIDEO].

How far did it fly?

Schwarber’s 33 home runs went on to lead the National League, four goals behind second-placed Austin Riley.

Will Willson Contreras be added to the next installment in this series? “As usual, we are waiting for developments.”

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