What worries the Dallas Stars is heading into the new season

Last time we talked about how the Dallas Stars put Jake Oettinger in the net and what he brings to the stars. This time we have to look at the other side of that coin. Actually, let’s talk about the middle of the coin. If Oettinger is a strength, he is also a concern.

What has been the Dallas Stars’ biggest concern this season?

I know what you’re thinking. How could Oettinger be a concern if he was a strength. Perhaps I should paraphrase the original statement. The front office handling of Otter is a major concern.

As much as the 23-year-old goalkeeper was with the Dallas Stars last season, he remains a restricted free agent. This seems irrational to me, and in my life I cannot understand why it is called that. Now, having said that, I’m no expert on salary caps and contracts.

I know Dallas has $10.3 million in cap space right now. Perhaps the most disturbing part is the fact that not only is Jake Oettinger tied up, and neither is Jason Robertson. It is clear that restricted is better than unrestricted. As for my life, I can’t tell. When you think about next year, Rob Hintz, Denis Guryanov, Jacob Peterson and Marian Studenek will all be restricted free agents. Dallas needs to find out quickly.

Another concern for this team is the lack of scoring depth. Last season, their first streak – Robertson, Hintz and Joe Pavelsky – was almost unstoppable. These three led the team in goals and points. The three were also among the top four in assists. After them, things fall a little off. Pavlesky led the team with 81 points. Robertson had a 79 while Hintz finished 72. Fourth on that list is Tyler Seguin with a score of 49.

Coincidentally, Seguin is the only player outside of these three to have scored at least 20 goals during the season. Jimmy scored between 18 goals and just 46 points. So, if the restricted free agency issue is the number one concern, the lack of logging depth should be 1a. And I’m not sure they did much to tackle the off-season offense. Another reason it seems so important is keeping Oettinger in the network for a while.

We’ll have to see how the coming weeks leading up to training camp unfold. But as a Stars fan, I’m a little worried at the moment. I’m not in a complete panic just because Otter and Robertson are tied up. So they are still with the team.

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I’m more worried about next season if the stars don’t show some love at the moment.

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