3 Cleveland Browns who shone on offense in a loss to Buffalo

For each game, Dawg Pound Daily seeks to identify three Cleveland Browns who have starred on the offensive unit. Defeated, it’s hard to see, but there have been some good performances.

The Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills have stepped into the unfamiliar confines of Detroit’s Ford Field to escape the deadly blizzard that has gripped western New York. The Browns’ offense had the nearly lethal task of taking on the NFL’s No. 2 defense of the Buffalo Bills, who were giving up just 16.8 points per game coming into the contest.

Looking at it this way, the Browns’ offense was pretty good overall, although it can be shown that they played well enough not to go home with a win. Believe it or not, they put up 396 yards of total offense, compared to just 357 yards for the Bills. But the Bills’ drives extended further into the end zone than the Browns.

By far the brightest point in the team’s poor performance was the individual effort by Amari Cooper, who showed himself to be a real contender all season.

3 Cleveland Browns who shone on offense

Cleveland Browns, Amari Cooper. Mandatory credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

3. Amari Cooper came out in a big way

The Bills sold out, as expected, and played eight in the box to stop Nick Chubb. Well and good to them. However, this meant that they did not have a safety assist to use against Amari Cooper, and Cooper made them pay.

Cooper shredded the Buffalo defense in the first half and scored the first touchdown of the game on a 25-yard Jacoby Brissett run, a slide into the right corner of the end zone.

Cooper added another 24 yards on a sideline pattern later in the second quarter. In the first half, Cooper had 91 yards on his own compared to 84 for the entire Buffalo Bills team. This is the #1 dominant receiver, folks.

In the second half, Brissett continued to target Cooper, but many of his passes were out of bounds and there was no chance for Cooper to score. Finally, however, Cooper landed a volley in the end zone in the fourth quarter.

He nearly had a two-point conversion, though the officials ruled that he went out of bounds and then came back again. From the TV replay, it was difficult to tell if his heels were actually touching the ground, or if he avoided contact with the turf by stomping on the tip of his toes.

Announcers didn’t take notice of the possibility either, so this may just have been a figment of the imagination of a disgruntled Browns fan. It didn’t matter, in the end, because they weren’t really in the game, but you’d like to see the athlete’s efforts rewarded.

On that day, Cooper caught eight kicks on 12 targets for 113 yards and two TDs. Unofficially, he now has 698 yards for the season and seven TDs. He looks a bit like the Pro Bowl player he was for the Dallas Cowboys.

Yet praise was the man who fueled Cooper’s football, starting quarterback, Jacoby Brissett. JB will probably keep his job for another match, and then the Deshaun Watson era will begin.

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