3 Sneaky Agents In The MLB You Should Target Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Phillies have been the Cinderella team this season if you will. After a 21-29 start to the season, they went off on a tear, completely turning things around and making the postseason.

In October, they continue to win. They defeated the Atlanta Braves in the NLDS before taking out the star-studded San Diego Padres in the NLCS. This was their first World Series appearance since 2008.

However, it wasn’t meant to be. Philadelphia ran into the juggernaut Houston Astros in the Fall Classic. And when the dust settled, the Astros celebrated their second World Series.

This vacation is an opportunity for the Phillies to prepare for another crack in the ring. But the 2023 season is going to be a bit tough. Superstar Bryce Harper had elbow surgery in the off-season and may miss time next season.

Furthermore, three of Philadelphia’s starting pitchers are currently free agents. There is also a bit of spin in the bullpen and in the field.

Who can the Phillies target to fill the gaps in their lineup? Who can help the team push another World Series birth? Here are three under-the-radar options you should consider in Philadelphia.

3 sneaky MLB agents the Phillies should be targeting

3) Shortstop Jose Iglesias

The Phillies will need a shortstop this offseason. Jean Segura hits the open market and looks unlikely to return. Meanwhile, backup Bryson Scott will likely move to second base, where he’s doing his defensive profile better.

Enter Jose Iglesias, the MLB veteran who spent last season with the Colorado Rockies. 292 last season while driving in 47 runs in 118 games.

The veteran shortstop had better success away from Coors Field last season. He hits 315 on the road compared to his 264 at home.

Of course, the Phillies likely have their eyes on one of the big-ticket free agent shortstops. Trea Turner, in particular, is a common name associated with Philadelphia until now.

However, if they miss a top player, Iglesias isn’t a bad backup option. He is a very solid defensive lineman with the ability to hit average while knocking out about 50 pitches a season.

2) Pitcher Zack Britton

The Phillies also need some bullpen build-up. David Robertson is a free agent, and the 37-year-old will have no shortage of suitors. Brad Hand, Corey Nebel and Chris Devinsky also hit the open market.

For some time, there was no more dominant pitcher in baseball than Zach Britton. I’m even going to include beginner shooters in that conversation. When Britton got into the game, it was all over. That was it.

From 2014 to 2020, Britton cruised to an incredible 1.84 ERA. He finished fourth in American League Cy Young voting in 2016 after boasting a 0.54 ERA.

However, injuries have since plagued the 35-year-old. He has pitched just 38 innings since the shortened 2020 season. Britton started three games last season with the New York Yankees, but was shut out due to a shoulder strain.

There’s no guarantee he’ll regain the competitive Cy Young level he had back in the mid-2010s. Despite that, it’s worth the risk to see if there’s still something left for the old veteran.

If Britton pitched even the half like he did before, it would be a big deal for the Phillies.


Joey Mystrita ·

Joey Mystrita ·

Joey Mystrita ·

1) Taijuan Walker pitcher

The Phillies are currently scheduled to start games in the major leagues this year, including Aaron Nola, Ranger Suarez and Zach Wheeler. One of the two remaining points may go to a pitcher already in the foundation. Perhaps one of the best prospects, Mick Appel, will make the team.

The other place is likely to be filled outside of the organisation. Taijuan Walker is an interesting option for the Phillies, who is entering the open market after two seasons with the New York Mets.

Walker has always been seen as someone with potential. In 2022, explain why. He pitched to a 12-5 record with a 3.49 ERA and 1.19 WHIP.

Health has been a major concern for Walker in recent years. However, he made 58 starts for the Mets after signing before the 2021 season. The 30-year-old made All-Star appearances in 2021 as well.

Walker is not one of the sexier options on the market. Concerns about his health may never go away. It has shown some inconsistencies in the past.

However, the veteran is a solid pitcher who can strengthen the middle or even the back end of the rotation. When Walker is healthy, he provides a steady, reliable presence that can win games that need him to.

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