A new report claims that Houston Astros games are the fourth most expensive family experience in MLB

If you’re an Astros fan with kids, I’ve got good news and bad news this summer.

The good news is, the team is great, and you can take the little ones along to watch them play in a mostly air-conditioned juice box while the outside world dissolves into the haze of ERCOT preservation notices. The Bad News Attending an Astros game in 2022 is the fourth most expensive experience in the league for families, according to a recent analysis by Zachary Crockett of The Hustle.

Over the weekend, Crockett published a report analyzing the rising costs of popular American family activities over the past 60 years. The activities Crockett measured were attending a movie at a theater, taking your kids on a day visit to Disneyland, and enjoying an evening watching America’s pastime.

Using data from FanCostIndex, Crockett found that the average cost for a family of four to attend an Astros game in 2022 is $293.74. That number, according to Crockett, is based on the cost of four tickets ($58.61 each), four hot dogs ($6 each), two beers ($7.50 each), two soft drinks ($5.50 each) and parking. ($9.30). Most importantly, these numbers have been adjusted for the cheapest meal and service options available at the venue, as compiled by FanCostIndex.
The three teams with the most expensive family outings than the Astros aren’t surprising: Boston Red Sox ($324.37), Chicago Cubs ($312.85), and New York Yankees ($302.86), respectively. It should be noted that the cost of a game for the Astros could be much higher, since the estimated parking cost of $9.30 was the lowest listed of all 30 MLB ballparks. The official Minute Maid Maid Park Parking fee for Picks A and B ranges from $35 for prepaid tickets and $50 on game day.
Also worth noting: The three higher-priced parks are easily accessible via commuter trains.
The cheapest MLB trip for a family in The Hustle analysis belongs to the Arizona Diamondbacks, with an average cost for a family of four of $126.34. The league average cost records as $204.76—unsurprisingly stark compared to the price of moving a family to the stadium in 1960, which Crockett calculated as $10.35.

However, what might surprise fans is that even accounting for inflation, the cost of going to a baseball game in 2022 is still double the adjusted number in 1960. Crockett found that the price of baseball tickets, ball beer, and hot dogs had increased by more than 1,000 percent. since 1960, surpassing the 888 percent increase seen in all commodities in the United States. baseball in 2022, with an average price ($16.79) that’s 6,616 percent more than 1960 parking prices ($25 cents) — or 7.5 times the rate of inflation.
There’s a lot to swallow, and I don’t think anyone would begrudge you to watch more games at home until the price of hot dogs and parking comes back out of the stratosphere – assuming that one day it does.

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