A Pennsylvania bow hunter breaks the world record with a butterfly ray

A bow hunter in southeastern Pennsylvania is now the world record holder.

Jeremy Gibb, 40, of Camp Hill now holds the title of catching the biggest butterfly ray with a fly fishing setup.

He was fishing on June 30 off Indian River Bay in Delaware when he encountered the big fish with his friends Corey Brossman and Aaron Brossman of the Brossman Boys Bowfishing Guide Service.

Ray is 7 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 222.5 pounds. She beat the Bowfishing Association of America world record of 222.1 lbs caught by Nick Sampson on August 8, 2021 in Maryland.

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Jeremy Gibb poses with the world record-holding beam butterfly.

Pete Gregoire, record keeper of the American Bowfishing Association, confirmed on July 15 that the Gripe’s Ray has been certified as the world record catch for Delaware.

“The record has been broken many times over the last four or five years,” he said of the growing interest from anglers in saltwater fishing. “More working hours contribute to more opportunities for fishermen.”

Jeremy Gipe's butterfly ray has been recognized by the Bowfishing Association of Americans as the new world record.

Gregoire said his organization has been certifying records for 20 years: “Every year, there’s an increase in the amount of interest and the amount of opportunity to shoot records across the United States. It’s great to see anglers on the East Coast, especially in saltwater, the success and ability On bringing in fish like Jeremy.”

Gipe is an experienced angler with a previous butterfly best beam of 153 lbs.

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