Annie Berry ranked 67th at the NCAA DIII National Cross Country Championships

Lansing, Michigan.Annie Perry Compete at the NCAA DIII National Cross Country Championships on Saturday, November 19, 2022. Berry has a 67The tenth The place at the time of 23: 06.3. The race was held at Forest Acres East Golf Course in Lansing, Michigan. The day was cold, with several inches of snow on the ground – conditions not seen in a DIII tournament in the past 20 did that happen
Perry came out well from the gun, running the first mile in ’48The tenth place. In a national championship race, the first 500m is usually very crucial. With nearly 300 of the nation’s best sprinters in DIII on the line, a smart, bold start is needed so that the athlete can position himself well in the early stages of the race. The race is so packed that it is very difficult to climb throughout the race if the athlete starts too far from the front.
Over the next mile, Perry fell a little short to 69The tenth place, then moved up a few places to finish on 67thThe tenth place. This was Berry’s first NCAA Tournament race. The top 40 riders in the National Championships earn All-American honors. 40The tenth The first-place finisher at this year’s meet posted a time of 22:44.6 — just 22 seconds behind Perry.

The conditions of this championship race track will be talked about for years to come. In the days leading up to the meeting, Lansing had accumulated several inches of snow—so much so that the race directors had to plow the track daily for two days prior to the event. Temperatures in the teens led to icy conditions on race day. With cold temperatures, windy conditions, and an icy and snowy track, the majority of runners in the field have not raced the fastest 6K in a championship race—a reflection of less-than-ideal conditions. However, the possibility of challenging conditions on race day is part of the sport of cross-country, and it’s also what makes races so memorable.

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Berry 67The tenth The finishing place is the best finish by a boxer in the NCAA National Championships in the last 15 years, since Kelsey Owen 34The tenth place in 2007. In fact, Perry had the fourth-best score from a Boxer in school history; Here is a list of the NCAA Women’s Pacific Rim finishes:

  1. Kelsey Owens, 34The tenth Makan, 2007
  2. Sarah Smith, 37The tenth Place, 2004
  3. Kim Paul, 55The tenth Place, 1999
  4. Annie Perry67The tenth Place, 2022
  5. Shana Chosky, 99The tenth Place, 2004
  6. Kara Boatman, 111The tenth2021
  7. Stephanie Spencer, 121Street2016
  8. Serena Wallace, 150The tenth2018
  9. Stephanie Spencer, 195The tenth2015

“I’m really proud of Annie,” said the coach. Billy Krings. “She approached this race with a lot of confidence and grace. She set good goals and hit several of them. I was very happy with her strategy for the race – she got off the gun well and was able to race the right groups of people. I’m glad she went through the experience of this, I know The best is yet to come for her!”

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Annie Perry He will join the rest of the Pacific track and field team in January when they start the indoor track season.

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