Aston Martin is close to agreeing a maximum cost penalty in Formula 1 with the FIA

The team was recently named by the FIA ​​along with Red Bull Racing and Williams because they failed to fully comply with the financial regulations for 2021.

However, while Red Bull was deemed to have overspending and made procedural errors, Aston Martin and Williams were only guilty of the latter.

Williams’ case, involving late filing of documents by an outside accounting firm, was settled with a $25,000 fine earlier this year.

Aston Martin has been in negotiations with the FIA ​​for some time, and an outcome is likely to emerge this week.

ABA means that the team admits it was a foul and formally accepts any penalty applied by the governing body.

“We are in discussion with the FIA,” team boss Mike Crack said when asked about the situation by

“I think it’s going to be something we’re trying to wrap up in the coming days. So we had some discussions over the weekend as well with them. I’m pretty confident we’ll get it sorted out soon.”

Krack played down the suggestion that there was any frustration in the camp about the PR damage being associated with a foul.

“I think it’s complicated, it’s a complex set of regulations,” he said. “And that’s not discouraging, it just shows us that we have to do better in the future, that we don’t have such problems.

“But at the end of the day, I think the most important thing is probably that we were under the limit. The rest is procedural.”

Lance Stroll, Aston Martin AMR22

Photo by: Zack Mauger / Motorsports Pictures

It is believed that Aston’s breach is linked to a UK-specific tax issue, which has been interpreted in different ways by the team and the FIA. However, Krack refused to say anything on the matter.

“I would prefer that we have an agreement signed before we can go into it,” he said. “There will also be a press release, I think from the FIA, to be agreed with us after that. So there will be more details in the coming days.”

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Krack said he did not know when any news from the FIA ​​might emerge, but noted that Aston’s result would not necessarily have to wait for the Red Bull case to be resolved.

Talks between the Milton Keynes team and the FIA ​​have been suspended following the death of Dietrich Mateschitz.

I understood from reading [the media] They postponed, said Krack, because of Dietrich Mateschitz. “Actually, they are two independent things. So I don’t mind if we finish our business as quickly as we can. Also, it’s a different situation, we don’t overspend.

“It also depends on the FIA. And then we now have people traveling, but I think we did a couple of steps this weekend. So I think we’re not far off. But I can’t tell you if it’s tomorrow or Wednesday or whatever.”

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