Bent bars host World Cup viewing parties; Fans are still excited despite the Qatari controversy

(Update: Added video and comments from soccer fans, Prost! GM)

Bend, Ur. (KTVZ) — Soccer fans across the city of Bend watched the highs and lows of the United States men’s national team’s 1-1 tie with Wales on Monday.

Fans gathered at several bars, including Sidelines Sports Bar in downtown Bend and at Prost! German bar off Century Drive.

Prost! It will broadcast every game but one in the United States and Germany, creating what he calls a “proper European soccer experience.”

Graeme Fallon, Prostate! General Manager, said the World Cup meant a lot to his bar.

“If Bend isn’t a football town yet, we’ll do everything we can to turn it into one,” Fallon said.

There was a lot of fan support on Monday morning.

“Oh, it’s perfect – we were hoping this venue would be open for the game, but we weren’t sure until just last week,” said Eric Kerr, Prost’s US and Germany soccer fan.

Mason Klaus, another American football fan, added, “It’s not always on the cutting edge of town, but when you find places like this, it’s great to see people showing up at 11 a.m. on a Monday morning.”

The controversy involving the host nation, Qatar, was not lost on fans.

“There is still excitement, but I certainly wish the conditions were different,” Klaus said.

Kerr agreed: “It was painful to see everything happen the way it did.”

The World Cup has just begun but has already been met with controversy, including the exploitation of migrant workers to build stadiums, the country’s criminalization of homosexuality, allegations of bribery and corruption, and a last-minute announcement that beer sales will be banned in the United States. stadium.

Mitch Gerrard, an active soccer player and fan, does not approve of the host country’s actions.

“I mean, Qatar has a horrible human rights record, so it definitely played a role in not wanting me to watch it,” Gerrard said. “But at the same time, I am here to support the other countries involved, not the host country.”

Other fans we’ve spoken to agree.

Fallon: “I think football fans will attend for better or worse.”

Klaus: “The World Cup is still going on, so I still want to support my boys. They missed the last one so I really hope they can have a good tour here.”

Kerr: “In an effort to attract players, I root for teams who are kind of stuck in that weird middle ground and still enjoy the games for them.”

If they’re watching, they might as well pick a winner.

Kerr: “I put Germany and Belgium into the finals, actually.”

Gerrard: “I’m going to Belgium.”

Klaus: “My heart says the United States but my mind says… Argentina. I think Messi will finally get his trophy.”

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