Bricksville, Broadview Heights participates in a traffic study for busy Mill Road

Brecksville, Ohio – Both Brecksville and Broadview Heights share a traffic study on Mill Road, which is crowded during morning and evening drive times.

The two cities will pay TMS Engineers Inc. At Twinsburg $27,170 for tuition, which will take about eight weeks. The company will analyze current conditions on the Mill, and then recommend ways to improve traffic flow.

“Traffic is busiest at very specific times, presumably due to a school schedule change that (Brecksville High and Middle School) students arrived at the same time,” Brecksville engineer Jerry Wise told in an email.

In addition to traffic backups north and south of the entrance to the high school and junior high school, which is about halfway down a mile, it is difficult to turn left into a mile of residential side streets in the morning and evening.

“The aim of the traffic study is to review current traffic totals and maximum traffic volumes and assess Mill Road based on these volumes to identify any road deficiencies and make recommendations for the city to consider.” Hakim said.

Once the traffic study is completed and TMS submits its report at the end of January or early February, Wise said, cities will decide which recommendations, if any, to adopt.

The study will cover the entire length of the Mill, which extends just over a mile from Wallings Road at Interstate 77 in Broadview Heights to Ohio 21 near Ohio 82 in Brickville. The line between the two towns crosses a mill near the entrance to the high school and middle school.

Brecksville, where the city council authorized a traffic study in mid-October, will pay TMS $11,320. About 2,500 linear feet from the mill in Brecksville.

The Broadview Heights City Council authorized the traffic study on Monday (November 21). Approximately 3,200 linear feet of Mill is located in Broadview Heights, which will contribute $15,850 to the TMS study.

Wise told the Bricksville Council on October 18 that the city had received many complaints about traffic jams in the mile. The city reached out to Broadview Heights officials, who agreed that something needed to be done.

Under its proposal, TMS will count vehicles and monitor turning motions at 18 Mill Intersections and limit outages. The company will look at the number of lanes on the treadmill, lane designations and widths, pavement conditions, visibility distances, bus stops, traffic lights, and stop signs.

The TMS will also analyze failure data from the past three years and identify the causes of those failures. Company recommendations may include changes to signage, sidewalk markings, and other countermeasures. Each recommended improvement will come with a cost estimate.

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