Catching the bright scarlet and purple Pokemon just got easier thanks to a tasty exploit

Shiny Pokémon are some of the most popular creatures in the world Pokemon franchise. Rotating colored Pokémon don’t come with any kind of core benefit, but their extreme rarity makes them the focus of large groups of players looking for Shinies and trying to populate their Pokédex.

In many ways, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have made shiny hunting more difficult than ever, with no shiny sound cues or other visual effects in the games outer world. But while it can be easy to miss Shiny Pokémon in new games, players have actually found a way to make the process of finding Shinies incredibly simple.

As first reported by Polygon and shown by many Pokemon The creators, who make their outing about Pokemon rampaging and shredding, not only make your odds of getting a Shiny better, but it makes the whole process look incredibly easy.

The first step for this method is to get rid of some Pokémon. In general, players have a 1 in 4,096 chance of seeing a shiny Pokemon. But they can increase those odds for some Pokémon by hitting a group of those Pokémon. The most efficient number at the moment seems to be 60 knockdowns for a given Pokémon, which will improve Shiny’s odds to one in 1365. Normally that takes a while to hit, but Let’s Go has the advantage in Scarlet Pokemon And the Violet Players are practically encouraged to take this approach with how quickly your Pokémon can get rid of waves of wild Pokémon.

Thanks to the Pokemon outbreak he’s back for SV After submitting in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Players can quickly take out a large number of the same Pokémon, and continue to spread more Pokémon into the world. This is when the players started to hitchhike.

Setting up an outing and then exiting the outing actually resets the spawn of every Pokemon in the outbreak, which means that there are suddenly loads of the same Pokemon that you’ve been increasing your chances of a shiny Pokemon to spawn almost continuously. Players can tear down their picnic and run around the area for a few seconds to see if there are any Chinese. If it isn’t there, get in and out again to reset the breeding and look again.

It certainly doesn’t seem like a way that Game Freak had planned when they created the hiking system, and having such an easy and foolproof way to find Shiny Pokémon might take some of the oomph out of it in the new games. On the other hand, perhaps exploits like these convince Game Freak and The Pokemon A company whose patch should come sooner rather than later SVperhaps with some performance fixes included?

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