Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes has now answered the most important question

“This is going to expose some people!!.. Glad he got out of the division too,” Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen posted after the Kansas City Chiefs traded Trek Hill to the Miami Dolphins in March.

Allen’s comment—now shrouded in irony—is a perfect encapsulation of the Kansas City season. A slew of players, coaches, and analysts all saw Hill’s trade as the final piece of Patrick Mahomes’ regression puzzle.

that word – to retreat The term has been used in relation to the Chiefs’ star quarterback since he became the team’s quarterback in 2018, instantly dominating the league and being named the team’s MVP.

There have been countless claims that Mahomes will eventually become a lesser player. First, it was thought that the defenses would “spot” him. Then losing playmakers like running back Kareem Hunt and wide receiver Sammy Watkins would ensure his downfall. Then, the teams completely changed defensive leanings against Mahomes, playing more high safety appearances than ever before against Kansas City. Finally – after years of AFC teams building rosters designed to smooth over the leader’s quarterback – Hill’s exit would be the final nail in the coffin.

But Mahomes passed every test he was given. Highlight after highlight has been created. He brought the Lombardi Trophy back to Kansas City – and has been a pillar of the community since his arrival.

By the same token, after becoming the true franchise quarterback that Kansas City fans have desired for so long, Mahomes still has questions to answer. How will he handle contract negotiations? How could he fit in with a roster limited to a contract senior quarterback? And would he be able to raise the talent around him? This is usually the last (and likely most important) question a franchise quarterback must answer.

NFL teams focus more than ever on what is commonly called the “rookie linebacker window” – where the young rookie quarterback is inexpensive. This still allows the team to bag in veteran talent through trade and free agency. The Dolphins, Chargers, and Cincinnati Bengals are great examples of teams currently in this window.

While the Chiefs were in it, they brought in players like Watkins, defensive end Frank Clarke, safety Teran Mathieu and linebacker Anthony Hitchens. But with the salary cap still rising for Mahomes’ long-term contract, it’s becoming difficult to corner this kind of talent.

But on Sunday night, Mahomes answered that last question. he is Can Raise the lesser talent when the lights shine.

In the fourth quarter—needing a touchdown on the road against a divisional opposing defense that was specifically designed to match him—he came up again in clutch. With less than two minutes left, he marched down the field to score the winning touchdown by running down right tackle and three top receivers (and his first runs at running back) with injuries.

In 2022, no quarterback is doing as much with fewer resources.

There’s no doubt about it: When Hill was traded to Miami on March 23, all of the Kingdom Chiefs were concerned about the effect it would have on Mahomes and his offense; It was difficult to imagine how she could succeed without such a dynamic and fast player.

But now – as he heads towards what could easily be his second MVP award – Mahomes has made it all seem irrelevant. Without a huge turnover spike or dramatic scheme shift, he’s returned to the level of production that impressed us in 2018 – and once again cemented himself as the best quarterback in the league.

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