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Submitted photo The Minot Fire Department was among the emergency responders to a car accident Thursday night that lowered traffic lights on the Broadway and Burdick Expressway.

Motorists traveling north on Broadway encounter a different type of traffic light at the Burdick Highway intersection.

A portable signal has been in place since a traffic accident occurred on Thursday night, November 17, which damaged the intersection’s normal traffic signal post beyond repair. The base of the pole has bent and collapsed, said Stephen Yours, a traffic engineer for the City of Minot, and the city is working on temporary and permanent replacements for the pole.

Joersz said the portable signal was installed to restart traffic operations as quickly as possible.

“The City is working on a long-term temporary fix where we will be reusing the old Northwest bypass signal until a permanent replacement can be installed. The long-term temporary signal pole is expected to be installed in two to three weeks. The permanent replacement signal pole is expected to take between six to ten months,” he said in a letter. “Traffic light poles are basically custom orders and vary between each location. Common differences include pole height, mast boom length, and wind resistance rating.”

The replacement cost is not yet known, Joersz said, but the total cost of emergency repairs, temporary replacements, and permanent replacement is expected to exceed $100,000.

City engineer Lance Meyer reports that car owner’s insurance usually covers such damage, although there may be costs that insurance does not cover.

Joersz said the portable signal affects motorists heading north on Broadway because there is currently no green arrow going north at the Burdick intersection.

“The portable signal isn’t long enough to get that far. So that’s the bad. The good is that we were able to connect the portable system to the existing wires,” He said. “So we were still able to maintain the time format for that intersection/lane, minus the north turn phase.”

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