Claritas HealthTech expands its global presence with India operations focused on medical image improvement and AI-assisted diagnostic tools

Clarity Healthtech Pte.  Ltd
Clarity Healthtech Pte. Ltd

LONDON AND SINGAPORE, Nov. 22, 2022 (Globe Newswire) — Clarity HealthTech (“Clarity”)A healthcare technology company that specializes in optimizing advanced medical imagery and AI-assisted diagnostic tools to aid and improve physicians’ diagnostic workflows, today announced that it has chosen Bengaluru, Karnataka, as the base for its Indian business headquarters.

With its well-established presence in Singapore and successful entry into the UK market, Claritas has chosen Bengaluru as its base for India to meet the country’s vast and rapidly growing medical diagnostic requirements. Mr. Chetan Baxi, Co-Founder and Director, Claritas, commented, “In the last two quarters of this year, we’ve had strong demand from India for our technology that helps clinicians interpret medical images with greater accuracy and efficiency. To meet this demand and given the favorable market conditions, we have chosen to set up an Indian unit dedicated to serving the Indian market. We expect these operations to begin by January 2023. ”

As part of the Global Deployment Initiative, Claritas will offer its suite of products, including iRAD™ for radiographic image optimization, iPET™ for PET and PET-CT/MRI accelerator acquisition and optimization, and its AI diagnostic toolkit to meet demand from the health sector Indian.

Mr. Baxi added, “India has huge demand within the country for our products that improve diagnostic workflows without increasing capital or operating costs. Claritas allows customers to significantly improve patient care while improving the productivity of their imaging and diagnostic departments.”

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Claritas conducts research and development in the areas of image enhancement, machine vision and artificial intelligence (“AI”) with a focus on AI-assisted medical image processing, interpretation and diagnosis. Claritas aims to transform the diagnostics industry into powerful and effective software products built using image optimization and artificial intelligence technology to empower and help physicians and clinicians make accurate diagnoses and improve patients’ lives. All Claritas products including iRAD and iPET are fully HIPPA and GDPR compliant.

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