College Football News: Lane Kiffin to Auburn Rumors, Purdue-Northwestern Mistakes, Texas A&M Attendance

The dangers of letting Spotify play while you do your first morning solo “Wife at work, I’m parenting” duty is that it will create a comedy soundtrack for you while you work.

May these pancakes be blessed.

Tinnitus A&M University

That the sect continues to sing is wonderful.

More Hullabaloo, Ka-Dreck, Ka-Dreck

This is a joke, fight song, kids

The Ags are 4-7 (1-6) after their 20-3 victory [/checks notes] UMass. The stadium was almost empty. Selling levels in Nebraska here.

Purdue to offer certification in glass cutting

Expect these five engineers to be their first graduating class.

I enjoy that they chose the thinnest ones to write no to.

Don’t worry, more will come from northwest Bordeaux. But first!

Can’t row

Shouldn’t Mel Tucker be encouraging them to pull out through the ice or something?

Per Andrew Morewaterski, “We’re not Rutgers here, SHItters should at least be working.

It’s not a Thump article without the Illinois content!

This week, it’s the game of the century. Great stab from the big house. Club M Referees:

Of course, the big coward himself could not let it go unnoticed:

Burt is trying to take second place to Lane Kiffin in the world of “college football coach as a social media troll.”


Did Illinois get it wrong?

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Talking about…

Will Lin reign supreme over the plains?

The Auburn Tigers head coaching position is open. This led to a Mississippi reporter declaring…

Mr. Kevin, your refutation?

And so it ended there, yeah? Lane Kiffin will certainly be riding away, nothing but the Egg Bowl with Ole Miss Mississippi State rivals to focus on —

You are a beautiful, petty, sunburned man.

Rocky Mountain “Why?”

Boise State Wyoming on Saturday… Uh…

Just in case it wasn’t clear what happened there…

Like the Bills-Vikings, but somehow dumb.

San “D’oh!” – se

How does Thump come up with these headlines each week?

Anyway, down 35-31, San Jose State lined up as Utah State attempted a 37-yard field goal that would have put the Aggies up 38-31. Spartans to get the next ball, and…

… Oh no, Spartans. not like this.

Anyway, both from San Jose State And theNow, Utah is bowl-eligible. However, more mediocrity in Mountain West is always OK.

“Catsketball? Looks like a casket ball. Or “Looks like Patrick Oooo-G.”

This past Tuesday, at the Gavitt Games, the Northwestern Basketball Wildcats traveled to the nation’s capital for a date with the dying Georgetown Hoyas. What followed was farce:

This is like an episode of social communication Where the parody folds in on itself. There is no point in trying to outdo this.

Troika of Tarts

But let’s see if Purdue and Northwestern can’t even try, shall we?

First, in an outrageous game thrown by Northwestern quarterback Cole Freeman, Purdue LB Jalen Graham took on the eccentric old white men who write the rules of college football:

That was called again. Purdue ball in the Northwest Territory. No big deal, right? After all, watch what happens when Northwestern tries to play defense:

Again, but from a different angle:

Oh God, this team is so bad in defense. Sure, though, Purdue made them pay…

The collective groaning and booing from the Purdue faithful was amusing. Trot outside your punt for a 47-yard kick into the wind. Great Tart B1G West. There are no reviews.

Here you are. These were some ridiculous things that happened. I wrote this in under an hour, but I sure hope Thump comes back next week because this has really been a ride.

Baby wake up has to go bye


Funniest week?

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    More like Saggies

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    Glass cutting 101

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    Zoop the referees at M Club

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  • 5%
    Lin Reign on the Plains

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  • 11%
    Rocky Mountain “Why?”

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  • 0%
    San “D’oh!” – se

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  • 40%
    casket. Or Patrick Eww-ing

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  • 17%
    Dumbest sequence northwest-purdue

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    Let MNW do the fall pies in the first place

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