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What if a company solved traffic and parking problems in America’s largest city while lending a massive helping hand in the fight against climate change?

This is exactly what Eli Electric, an electric vehicle company, intends to do.

The company’s mission is to revolutionize the way people travel in urban environments — those 1.5-mile trips into city centers that are too far to walk where ride-sharing services are too expensive and impractical to cover every day.

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The electric scooters you started seeing around 2018 are only a partial answer. First, most people won’t touch it in bad weather. You also cannot use a scooter to transport multiple people at once.

And these electric scooters are not as environmentally friendly as you might hope. Scientists at the University of North Carolina have shown that they carry carbon footprints the size of conventional cars and 3.5 times the size of electric vehicles.

Still, that partial solution has been profitable for some investors — Chinese scooter maker Niu Technologies’ stock jumped as much as 500% in a few months, though shares have since come back to earth. Even the traditional car companies like Ford Motor Company F Which disclaim claims related to the scooter-sharing business has skyrocketed in recent months.

But the biggest transportation problem for city dwellers remains: How can you gracefully move groups of people from point A to point B, without the inefficiency of ride-sharing services or public transit or the inconvenience and environmental costs of conventional cars?

Get into the Eli Electric, the miniature electric vehicle designed to transport individuals or families around cities – without any parking or environmental headaches.

These vehicles, slightly larger than golf carts, have aluminum frame bodies to reduce their weight and make them as agile as possible. A two-seater, with extra storage, allows parties of two or more to hitch a ride with two extra bags—perhaps groceries or baggage from the trip. Eli ZERO cars reach top speeds of 25 miles per hour, making them well-suited for slower inner-city speeds.

It also carries 7% of the carbon footprint of conventional cars—notable when compared to other electric vehicles like Teslas, which are actually more carbon-intensive than gas-guzzlers and become much greener after driving 20,000 miles.

As a study from the Urban Institute shows, electric cars will reduce carbon emissions — but not enough to meet the government’s lofty decarbonization targets. Transportation remains the largest source of carbon dioxide emissions in the US economy, and electric transportation, not just transportation, is the main focus.

Studies have also shown that people generally don’t change their carbon-intensive habits—flying, eating beef, running air conditioners—because of environmental ethics. Instead, they are motivated to act when new technology makes life more convenient and exciting—and it just so happens that it comes with environmental benefits. Eli Electric looks well positioned to do just that.

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