Connor McDavid leads Artemy Panarin in

All 11 of the highest-paid players in the National Hockey League earn more than $10 million in average salary when factoring in the salary paid when signing bonuses to their contracts, according to data compiled by

Edmonton Oilers center Connor McDavid tops the list, with an average of $12.5 million a year. Regarded as the best player in hockey, McDavid was just 20 years old in 2017 when he signed an eight-year, $100 million new MVP season extension. It took effect the following season and made him the highest paid player in the league.

Artemi Panarin of the New York Rangers and Auston Matthews of the Toronto Maple Leafs are second and third on the list, respectively, each earning an average annual salary of about $11.6 million. The 30-year-old signed Panarin. Seven-year, $81.5 million deal with the Rangers in 2019.

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