Corsa Security enables inspection of terabit-scale traffic using default firewalls

Corsa Security enables inspection of terabit-scale traffic using default firewalls

To protect this new 5G-dependent infrastructure, security must be flexible yet able to rapidly scale to very high levels. To scale default firewall combinations, our solution now delivers push-button software load balancing to terabits of scanning capacity.”

Corsa Security announced today that it has added new capabilities to its Corsa Security Orchestrator (CSO) software so that network security professionals can quickly and easily scale inspection capacity to terabits of traffic. This development means that organizations and service providers can bundle virtual firewalls—starting with top vendors like Palo Alto Networks and Fortinet—into clusters and load-balance traffic across the stack of virtual firewalls to build large blocks of inspection capacity. With the industry embracing 5G and its claims of higher bandwidth, latency, and security, this now makes it possible to ensure that security functions keep up and inspect all traffic flowing through the network at any time.

Businesses and service providers alike are adapting their networks and embracing 5G technology, including 5G private networks, multi-access computing (MEC), and network slicing. However, with the huge amount of IoT devices and large numbers of user sessions with massive amounts of video and conferencing streaming, there is a significant increase in bandwidth, making it difficult for security functions to keep up. With the updated Corsa Security Orchestrator, network and security teams now have the ability to balance software load across combinations of default firewalls and scope inspection capability. As traffic continues to grow, the team can upgrade with a single click in CSO, adding more default firewall resources to the existing stack.

“To protect this new 5G-based infrastructure, security must be resilient and able to rapidly scale to very high levels,” explains Eduardo Cervantes, CEO of Corsa Security. “There is only one way to have this flexibility, and that is to deploy default firewalls wherever and whenever needed to scan all traffic flowing across the network. But then, you also need to scale the default firewall combinations, which is now possible with our solution that provides The press of a button, software load balancing for terabits of scan capacity.”

What makes all this possible is Corsa Security Orchestrator, which connects the realms of network security (firewall checking) to the network core (server infrastructure). Performs key functions required for large-scale firewall virtualization and elastic traffic inspection at any scale, including:

  • Automate boot and initial configuration of NGFW VMs
  • Provide policy settings for virtual machines in a touchless manner
  • Software load balancing for optimal virtual firewall performance within clusters
  • Flow tracking to intelligently route traffic to and from virtual machines
  • Validation mechanism to monitor virtual machine and system performance
  • Upgrades the default firewall set at the push of a button to extend Tbps range.

Security professionals can now deploy, scale, and optimize virtual firewalls to scan turbobit traffic quickly, simply, and economically. Learn more about extending default firewall combinations with Corsa Security.

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