Dallas Cowboys make a statement

Everything is bigger in Texas.

Including responses to blown fourth quarter leads. The Dallas Cowboys brought the Götterdämmerung with them to US Bank Stadium as they eliminated the Minnesota Vikings 40-3.

The Kansas City Chiefs found a way to come out on top with Patrick Mahomes engineering another fourth-quarter comeback against the Los Angeles Chargers.

The NFL team in the Big Apple took losses as the Giants dropped a home contest to the Detroit Lions and the Jets were unable to cover a punt late in the fourth quarter. It will cost them a place.

Here are the final NFL power ratings to wrap up Week 11.

32- Houston Texans (1-8-1)

Thomas Shea, USA Today Sports

Last week: No. 32

Coach Lovie Smith told reporters after the game that they would not change quarterbacks. As long as the Davis Mills have been under Houston center – no stopping Dameon Pierce 70 yards on the first drive – expect more of the same every week from the Texans. Is it draft season yet?

31. Chicago Bears (3-8)

Brett Davis, USA Today Sports

Last week: No. 30

Coach Matt Eberflus said Justin Fields is the “terrible day-to-day” person with his injury. Fields has been the Bears’ offense up to this point. If Chicago ever had to see its young sidekick miss out, it would keep them among the bottom three teams in the NFL.

30. Carolina Panthers (3-8)

Tommy Gilligan-USA Today Sports

Last week: No. 29

Every Panthers game is a formality as the franchise works to get through the offseason and find a new coach and, hopefully, a new quarterback. Carolina’s defense should take credit for bringing the Ravens’ vaunted 13-point offense to a home run.

29 Cleveland Browns (3-7).

Lon Horwedel-USA Sports Today

Last week: No. 28

Two weeks away from the Browns looking like a very different team. It might make a difference to the power ratings, but their record is quite tied. Too bad the lofty first-round pick will be in one of Nick Caserio’s jacket pockets come draft day.

28 Denver Broncos (3-7).

Ron Chinoy, USA Today Sports

Last week: No. 22

Would sticking with Vic Fangio and Teddy Bridgewater for another season have been any worse? The Broncos were 5-5 at this point last year and finished 7-10. At this rate, Denver would be lucky to win two more games.

27 Las Vegas Raiders (3-7).

Ron Chinoy, USA Today Sports

Last week: No. 31

If only the Raiders could play the Broncos more often, their record wouldn’t be unrecoverable. Las Vegas was finally a team that stole victory instead of watching it slip away. As has been the case for most of Derek Carr’s career, the Raiders have a terrible record and could be one spoiler in December.

26 Pittsburgh Steelers (3-7)

Sam Greene/The Enquirer-USA TODAY NETWORK

Last week: No. 24

The Steelers are allowed to have a losing season every 20 years. The fact that Mike Tomlin didn’t have to suffer this fate speaks to the structure within the organization. The next six games will be an assessment of what a Kenny Pickett-led team will look like and what kind of weapons it will need.

25. Indianapolis Colts (4-6-1)

Robert Scheer/IndyStar-USA TODAY NETWORK

Last week: No. 27

The Colts are benefiting from “failing to get up” because they took one of the best teams in the NFL down. The loss certainly buries any chance for Indianapolis to chase a wild spot.

24. Los Angeles Rams (3-7).

Chuck Cook USA Today Sports

Last week: No. 20

If Sean McVay has to rely on Bryce Perkins to move the offense, he’ll find a way to make it happen. The problem is, L.A. is running out of time to learn Perkins by trial and error.

23 Detroit Lions (4-6).

Chris Pedota – USA Today Network

Last week: No. 25

Aidan Hutchinson reviews why he was selected #2 overall. The former Michigan product has begun to give opposing offensive coordinators a reason to watch the No. 97. Detroit may have turned a corner and put a cap on their rebuilding.

22. New Orleans Saints (4-7)

Chuck Cook USA Today Sports

Last week: No. 26

Whether or not the flattened Tampa Bay Buccaneers will let the Saints and Falcons stand any chance of winning the NFC South remains to be seen. However, the Saints began to set themselves up by snapping a two-game losing streak. Can they steal a win from the 49ers on the road in Week 12?

21- Arizona Cardinals (4-7)

Rob Schumacher, USA Today Sports

Last week: No. 19

The Cardinals are restricted to playing quarterback. Until the return of Kyler Murray, they understand what they are, a team that can only muster 10 points. When Arizona returns to Murray, it may be too late, if not already.

20- Green Bay Packers (4-7)


Last week: No. 17

These are the people the Packers are used to, not a Green Bay team that overcame a 14-point fourth-quarter deficit to win in overtime against a dense team in a playoff game. However, the Packers could be the perfect spoiler just down the stretch.

19. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-7)

Eric Hartline – USA Today Sports

Last week: No. 21

The Jaguars had a bye in Week 11. Jacksonville gets the best the AFC has to offer with a home date with the Baltimore Ravens in Week 12.

18. Atlanta Falcons (5-6)

Dale Zanin – USA Today Sports

Last week: No. 23

Even if Atlanta managed to win the NFC South title, it was one of the best upsets of 2022. Cordarelli Patterson pitched in his 10th season, and did so against one of his former teams with a kickoff return. Chicago Bears.

17 – New York Giants (7-3)

Robert Deutch, USA Today Sports

Last week: No. 13

The lug nuts began to fall apart for the Giants in Week 10 when they were playing their food against the Houston Texans in a 24-16 win. Losing to the Lions wasn’t so horrific. How the Giants rebound against the Cowboys on Thanksgiving will be a glimpse into how New York finishes the season.

16 – New York Jets (6-4)

Brian Fluharty, USA Today Sports

Last week: No. 9

Not only did the Jets manage to sweep the New England Patriots in the season series, but coach Robert Salih is playing bizarre motivational games with Zack Wilson, suggesting no decision is made on the starting quarterback for Week 12 sooner or later. , will fly the same small planes.

15 – Seattle Seahawks (6-4)

Kirby Lee USA Today Sports

Last week: No. 18

The teams ahead of the Seahawks took a step back, which is why they were able to advance. Seattle returns to home action against their former AFC West rival, the Las Vegas Raiders.

14. Los Angeles Chargers (5-5)

Kirby Lee USA Today Sports

Last week: No. 14

The Chargers are a good team with a poor record playing in a division dominated by the best team in the conference. Los Angeles may find itself on the outside looking for the second year in a row as the AFC East appears to have a snake grip on wild card spots.

13. Washington Leaders (6-5)

Thomas Shea, USA Today Sports

Last week: No. 15

Washington has overcome a lot of adversity that comes with a 1-4 start and a quarterback change to find themselves in an over . 500 game in the highly competitive NFC East. As long as their defensive line consisting of tackles Daron Payne and Jonathan Allen and finishing Montez Sweet continues to entertain, Washington will be in for a tough tie in their last six games.

12 – Cincinnati Bengals (6-4)

Sam Greene/The Enquirer-USA TODAY NETWORK

Last week: No. 16

The Steelers may have gotten the jump on Cincinnati earlier in the season, but they won’t get the sweep. Bengalis are starting to find their groove. Joe Burrow and the offense need to stay consistent because they are Cincinnati’s best chance to steal a wild spot.

11. Minnesota Vikings (8-2)

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Last week: No. 1

The Vikings shouldn’t stay out of the top 10 for very long, but their 37-point loss at home to the Dallas Cowboys was too obnoxious to give them any such consideration. Thanksgiving will cause the Twin Cities to worry as they host the New England Patriots. Can Minnesota avoid a losing streak?

10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-5)

Stephen Low – USA Today Sports

Last week: No. 11

Pirate’s goodbye. They’re back on the road for the Cleveland Browns for what should be the final chapter in Jacoby Brissett’s 2022 season.

9. New England Patriots (6-4)

Brian Fluharty, USA Today Sports

Last week: No. 8

The Patriots defense and special teams won the game. However, their attack produced an insignificant three points. Even though it was against a tough Jets defense and in very stormy conditions, the Patriots offense will have to find ways to get more points on the board if they hope to complete the AFC East steal.

8. Miami Dolphins (7-3)

Rich Story-USA Today Sports

Last week: No. 7

The Dolphins enjoyed a bye and will return to play against the Houston Texans at Hard Rock Stadium. The last six games will reveal just how much Tua Tagovailoa has developed as a field general.

7. San Francisco 49ers (6-4)

Rob Schumacher, USA Today Sports

Last week: No. 10

The 49ers took care of business against the Arizona Cardinals in the 2022 Mexico game. George Kittle pitched four catches for 84 yards and two touchdowns. San Francisco is back looking like the 2019 edition thanks to an extra dimension with Christian McCaffrey in the backcourt.

6- Buffalo Bills (7-3)

Lon Horwedel-USA Sports Today

Last week: No. 6

Buffalo sacked the game at home and picked up a necessary win to maintain their foothold in the AFC East Summit. The offense was the clicking and the defense was dominant, which is the combination Buffalo needed to see the home stretch.

5. Tennessee Titans (7-3)


Last week: No. 5

Treylon Burks burst onto the scene, and it was a nice way for a first-rounder to remind the Titans that he exists. The Arkansas freshman caught seven passes for 111 yards. As long as Ryan Tannehill chooses between Birx, Robert Woods, Chigozim Okonkwo, or hand over to Derrick Henry, the Tennessee offense is unstoppable.

4 – Baltimore Ravens (7-3)

Jessica Rapfogel-USA TODAY Sports

Last week: No. 4

The Ravens took care of the job against a struggling Panthers squad. Lamar Jackson didn’t have one of his explosive games as he was limited to 11 carries for 31 yards and a touchdown while going 24 of 33 for 209 yards and intercepting through the air. Baltimore may not have an easy path to the top seed in the AFC, but it is still possible.

3 – Dallas Cowboys (7-3)

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Last week: No. 12

How do you follow up blowing up your first game in team history as you enter the fourth quarter with a 14-point lead? By posting the largest margin of victory in a road game: 37. Dallas’ dominance over Minnesota was biblical. While it doesn’t tell the full story of how 2022 will turn out, it sets a precedent that the Cowboys can truly compete with the best teams in the NFL, which has been a dubious proposition at best since Week 11 in Kansas City last year.

2 – Philadelphia Eagles (9-1)

Robert Scheer/IndyStar-USA TODAY NETWORK

Last week: No. 3

The Eagles continue to get a lot of close shaves with mediocre to bad teams. Even though they are the only NFL team to lose once, there is a realistic path to losing them in the NFC East if the Dallas Cowboys or New York Giants get hot.

1 – Kansas City Chiefs (8-2)

Kirby Lee USA Today Sports

Last week: No. 2

Kansas City fell to the division’s opponent on the road and pulled back. No one plays consistent football like the Chiefs, and no one has a clearer path to securing the top seed in their conference than Kansas City. Whether or not the chiefs are able to complete the execution is to be carried out within the last six weeks.

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