Fighting Global Warming and Land and Ocean Pollution (Newark, US – June 26-28, 2023) –

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Welcome to the 30th Innoplast Solutions Conference; Twelfth place in the reinvention of plastic!

With US President Biden returning to world leaders in accordance with the 2015 Paris Agreement, there is a renewed push to tackle “global warming” by reducing focus on fossil fuels. For its role in reducing GreenHouse Gas (GHG) emissions responsible for global warming, the chemical/polymer industry has been innovating new processes and products. The concurrent issues that need to be addressed are “land pollution/ocean pollution and the sustainability of raw materials for the polymer industry”. Driven by consumer awareness, brand owners are pushing manufacturers to respond to technology that takes sustainability and environmental impact to new heights, for example,

  1. Switching from traditional fossil-based raw materials to renewable biomass/waste (waste)/green house gas (GHG) emissions, and recycled plastic/bioplastics as raw materials (MMass)

  2. Converting products into products of value, i.e. durability rather than biodegradation or disposal, by recycling/biofuels/composites/incineration (cCycling).

As a symbolic expression for the polymer industry tolerance (e), We suggest:

E = MC2. Highlighting the greatest role of cycling

In response, a spirit of innovation in the field of chemicals/polymers is brewing; A phenomenon not seen in the chemical industry since the 1960s. The reshaping of the polymers/plastics industry has already begun; Join us to witness the future!!!


Yash b. Khanna

Executive Director

InnoPlast Solutions

Dr. Yash B. Khanna, winner of two international awards in the fields of plastics and analytical sciences, has over 40 years of highly diversified industrial experience. His career is credited with over 120 research publications, 25 US patents, the Society of Plastics Engineers International “Engineering/Technology” Award (2001) and a North American Thermal Analysis Society Fellowship (1988) and its highest honor, the International Mettler Award (1997). One of the highlights of Dr. Khanna’s career was the identification of several new phenomena in common polymers already in existence 40-60 years ago.

His industry affiliations include Chief Technology Officer of Applied Minerals (2013-2015), Senior Technical Fellow/CTO of Imerys (2005-2009), a $5 billion metals company and Reinforced Engineering Thermoplastics Program Manager at Rayonier (2001-2004), which is A $3 billion forest products company. The vast majority of his career was at Honeywell (1975-2001) formerly AlliedSignal, a $40 billion conglomerate in its corporate and technology research center as Research Group Leader/Senior Principal Scientist.

During 1990-2001 he also held positions as Business Unit Liaison for Specialty Films and Principal Technologist for Encapsulation Resins, where Scientific Fundamentals formed the basis for new product/process development as well as technology commercialization in North America and Europe. These significant business contributions have been recognized with 5 Special Recognition Awards and 3 Business Awards (“Growth”, “Sales of the Year” and “Provision of the Year”). Now at InnoPlast Solutions, Dr. Khanna’s business expertise plays a key role in delivering ‘value-driven’ conferences and trainings.

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