Gather your thoughts with Koven and ShockOne’s curated playlist

Koven and ShockOne have just teamed up for the release of “Collecting Ideas” and have shared a playlist of tunes that have been influencing them both lately.

Drum and bass masters Coven And the One shock at it again. Now, they’ve created an epic playlist of DnB delights to support their latest single,”Collect ideas.posted on cat monsterthe treacherous duo that is CovenAnd the Consisting of Max Roat And the Katie Powelland certified don ShockOne, aka Carl Thomasan absolute tone poised to become a rave classic.

While “Gathering Ideas” features Katie Bowel on vocals, Koven is an act that transcends the traditional DJ duo formula. This close partnership style carries through through their productions, and the dynamism is a glue between the vocal and production elements. ShockOne also brings its own flare, as it’s no stranger to heavy, mind-bending music. After debuting in 2019, he usually releases under his own record label Dark Machine Records. However, he still finds time to work with some of the other biggest names on the scene – just as he did here.

“Collecting Thoughts” begins with a classic syncopation-driven arpeggio that will instantly send chills to you, signaling to your mind, body, and soul that we’re about to enter the mega DnB melody arena. The lyrics come quickly to set the narrative background, asking:How does this end?“before answering,”Gather all my thoughts. Ready to pretend.“The tone goes back to the early days of the initial lockdown, where we probably asked ourselves, ‘How will my head return to thinking again?

Fear not because Koven and ShockOne are equipped with the musical answer. In really proper big room DnB style, the question is posed to us in a loop that begs for a solution, delivered at the end with a fast-paced buildup that crashes into crescendo breaks and 170+ BPM drum patterns. The chorus is nothing short of triumphant, with “Gathering Thoughts” a perfect anthem that takes you from contemplation to celebration. In other words – this is the perfect song to rinse off as you bring home those bags packed for your Thanksgiving break, reflecting on the past while also looking forward to the future.

Not only have these huge artists reunited for their new single, which is now available on your account Favorite music platform, but they’ve also curated an exclusive playlist to showcase some of the tunes that influenced them the most. Listen to “Collect Ideas” and keep reading for the rest of the tunes!

Stream Koven & ShockOne’s “Collect Ideas” playlist on Spotify:

track list:

  • Wilkinson and Becky Hill – here for you
    • “This is a beautiful tune but it’s very simple. The idea of ​​the sound having the structure of a pop song, verse-chorus, etc., rather than just a hook like a lot of dnb, is something we’ve often tried to incorporate. That’s why we think the ‘thought-pooling’ sound works so well and is different Also on the DnB dance floor.” – Coven
  • Active – tell me
    • “There’s something incredibly upbeat about this track, it sounds a bit affected by old-school trance, and it’s just so exhilarating. We really wanted to create an uplifting vibe with our ‘pooling ideas’, and I think it was particularly picked up on the breakdown and led into the second drop.” – Coven
  • ft graphics. Reiki Ruawai – Somewhere
    • “Both the production and the vocals on this track are great and complement each other incredibly. You can’t help but feel happy when you listen to it.” – Coven
  • Odessa – Wide wake up
    • “We get so much inspiration from what Odesza does. Their productions are always incredible, and the singers they work with are always amazing. The way the songs are written and the melodies always sound so unique.” – Coven
  • ShockOne Ft. The Bloody Beatroots – Run
    • When we heard that track, that was the moment we knew we wanted to work with ShockOne. Even though what we created together wasn’t like that, because it just didn’t fit our styles, it had a huge impact on the coming together of the whole collaboration. This tune So massive!” – Coven
  • Coven – an industrial breed
    • One of the main things that was always on my mind when writing/working on this song was, “What would the Koven/ShockOne fans imagine the collaboration between us to sound like?” So I spent a great deal of time analyzing the Koven’s stellar back catalog to get my head in the right place. It had to be epic, melodic, soaring, uplifting, and aggressive all at the same time, just like an industrial strain!”
  • Virtual self ghost voices
    • “I don’t think there’s a song I wrote after this one was released that wasn’t influenced by it in some way, from the impeccable songwriting to the totally nostalgic and futuristic sound design. I don’t like using the word perfect, but this song comes very close to me.” – Chuck Wan
  • Metrik & ShockOne – Dying Light
    • “I always find myself coming back to this song, especially as a mix reference. Metrik is a close friend and colleague of mine and, in my opinion, one of the most talented drum and bass producers on the planet. We’ve been enamored with each other’s sound design and acoustics for years.” – Chuck Wan
  • Culture shock and distance – I love giving
    • “This is just the most uplifting drum and bass song for me lately. Easy like that. You never get tired of playing this song. Always a solid reference point for me.” – Chuck Wan
  • Netsky & Montell2099 – Mixed feelings
    • Again, just great feedback on this tune. Something about that vocal and intro hits me every time. Definitely always a ‘cool’ reference tune for me.” – Chuck Wan

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