Geno Di Marco carries on the legacy of the late Gene Sullivan in Geneva

Jane Sullivan (left) and Gino DiMarco (far right) with some craftsmen in 1989 at Geneva College.

Beaver Falls – While Geneva College may be a small, private Christian school, it is home to a few historic landmarks in the sport that belie an institution of its size.

It is Geneva that is the birthplace of college basketball. The first basketball game played by a university team was held in Geneva on April 8, 1893 when it defeated a team from the New Brighton YMCA.

Then there’s Cal Hubbard, who played soccer in Geneva from 1925-27.

An offensive lineman, Hubbard is the only member of both the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame (he is also in the College Football Hall of Fame). He played 10 seasons in the NFL, including one season with the Pittsburgh Steelers. His 30-year career as a baseball umpire brought him to the MLB Hall of Fame.

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