George Keitel cuddles inside of Pentagon Jr. before a 49-second match

San Francisco 49ers tight end George Keitel is a huge fan of Penta El Zero M, one-third of the AEW World Trios Champions Death Triangle, and Lucha older brother of Rey Fenix. He’s met the former Lucha Underground Champion twice on multiple occasions, frequently uses his “Cero Miedo” hand gesture after drawing in a contested big catch, and as it turns out, even got a custom Penta El Zero M mask to celebrate their friendship.

So, naturally, when the Niners traveled to Mexico for a Monday Night Football game against the Arizona Cardinals, what better chance for Kettle to take off his mask and give him some running, heading to the court?

dangCurrently that it is cold; Flaunting an adorable 3D dragon, a red and gold design that perfectly matches the Niners’ colors, and even his number, 85, which is split on either side of the hanging bandana bands, Kittle completed his mask with a cool Penta El Zero M t-shirt and a pair of headphones. While he hasn’t quite committed to Penta’s look — or go Everyone outif you will – by drawing his face under the mask, it’s pretty safe to say he got an A for the effort, as the man behind Penta’s mask is known to be Noted 49ers fan who has appeared in games in the past.

Whether you call him by his AEW name, Penta El Zero M, or Lucha Libra AAA moniker, Pentagon Jr. It’s fair to say Penta is one of the most prolific warriors of his generation, and it’s safe to say one of the most prolific tight ends of his generation to respect his game.

Update: Kittle and Penta exchanged pleasantries and masks before the 49ers game.

As it turns out, Kittle and Penta linked up before the match, with the duo meeting on the sidelines, with the latter giving the former a custom lucha mask designed to look like a golden 49ers helmet.

Penta wore his mask and face paint on the spot, or at least wore them once inside as is customary in lucha libre tradition, and completed his outfit with a red Kittle Niners jersey. While only time will tell if the Mask will be enough to secure another win for the 49ers, who are still fanning out since their acquisition of Christian McCaffrey, it’s safe to say which team will be one-third of the AEW World Trios Champions. in the game.

George Keitel of Team 49 and Pentagon Jr. of AEW have a mutual respect.

So how, you might ask, did Kittle not only become a fan of Penta, but connect with him on such a personal level that the duo became friends? Well, Keitel made it clear in a joint interview with AEW star conducted by Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso.

“Two years ago in New Orleans, I went to WrestleMania and saw him wrestle like six different times on a bunch of different shows,” Kettle told reporters ahead of the Super Bowl in 2020. Just a problem with me. Wrestling is something I love and enjoy doing as well, so I see that in the ring and how he holds himself and how he gets into the ring, how he leaves the ring – everything he does has a purpose and I love that.”

Now, for the lesser known fans, Kittle is a huge professional wrestling fan who has been ringside on WWE shows in the past, been in commercials with The Miz, and even was interviewed by “Stone Cold” Steve Austin on ESPN back in February. from 2021. While he may have been too busy making the move to the ring just yet, since Kittle is a key member of the 49ers offense, it’s safe to say he’ll likely make it to the ring at some point down the line whether it be in AEW or WWE or otherwise.


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When asked about getting to know Kittle, Penta was similarly free.

The Pentagon said, “It’s an honor for an athlete like George to do this during a game,” In lucha tradition, he does not reveal his name or age in interviews. “I have a lot of respect for him as an athlete, and even more as a person since we became friends.”

With Penta at the 49ers game, according to his Instagram page, it will be interesting to see if the duo takes the field together and participates in any tag team action. If it finally does, you’ll know where to read about it.

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