Goose Creek provides additional funding for city employees and golf course renovations

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) – More money for city employees and renovations at Crowfield Golf Club – The City of Goose Creek has unanimously approved these new ordinances to keep up with the competition.

People who play Crowfield Golf Club say these renovations will improve their overall experience on the course. In terms of funding, the city says they’re using the money they already have to pay for it, and they’ll still have some left over for employee bonuses.

The City of Goose Creek agrees to a one-time bonus accrual for full-time and part-time employees. City officials say the longer someone is employed in the city in addition to their year-end evaluation, they can qualify for a bonus of up to $1,500. This money comes from savings in the city’s 2022 budget and will total at least $315,000.

Frank Johnson, a spokesperson for the City of Goose Creek, says employees will also receive a 5% cost-of-living increase across the board.

“It’s just like saying thank you to our city employees,” Johnson said. “It’s a way to stay competitive in an area where a lot of other municipalities are. We’re the best municipality. So, we want to make sure we attract the best talent. It’s about attracting and retaining talent for city employees.”

The City of Goose Creek will also expand the clubhouse at Crowfield Golf Club with the addition of a covered outdoor seating area for the bar and grille and additional space to host events.

Megan Leyland, who plays at Crowfield Golf Club, says the club house needs improvement.

“It will be able to accommodate more people because it is so small right now,” said Leyland. “And few people resonate really loudly.”

John Reilly, who started playing at Crowfield in July, says he will be most useful to everyone who comes here.

Mike Cole is also an avid club player.

“This is an asset to the City of Goose Creek and these improvements will do nothing but improve the assets that the City has,” Cole said.

The renovations will be paid for using the city’s hospitality tax under the 2022 budget, and the remainder will come from American Rescue Plan funding.

Andy Motroni, another golfer, says there are plenty of ways to spend the leftover money.

“Maybe not giving it away in the first place was a good idea, but still, now that it’s here and you need to spend it, I think it’s as good a way to spend it as anything else,” Motroni said.

Those golfers like Braley Wright say the renovations will bring in interested players and hopefully more members will join the club.

“We could have more people who don’t play golf come here and realize how good the sport is and then you can just relax in the club house and just hang out,” said Wright. “So, I think it’s good.”

One-time accrual bonuses will be issued to all eligible employees on December 16th. As far as the clubhouse is concerned, there’s no set timeline for construction, but city officials say plans will be put out for bidding in the next several months.

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