Jim White answers questions from Titans fans this weekend

Nashville – Welcome to Bengals Week.

And welcome to Thanksgiving week.

The Giants rearranged their practice schedule this week to fit the offseason, with their sights set on Sunday’s game at Nissan Stadium.

Let’s see what everyone wants to discuss in the mailbag on Tuesday as the team returns to training…

Here is the link to submit questions: click here

Robin Alvear in San Francisco
A question:
Hi Jim. Thanks again for all your Titans coverage. This “W” was awesome on TNF. The offense has been the most efficient and fluid all season. From the start, Tannehill’s body language was that of a confident man in command. All night Tannehill threw darts that hit his receivers nicely.
In the previous six games, Titans D had been controlling the flow and pacing of the games. So, it was good to see the offense take over with the flow and rhythm, and give the defense some rest.

C: Hey Robin. No doubt about it. I thought Ryan played really well too, and the extra time off this weekend would help him get going too. need to continue.

Bill Caldwell is from Lebanon, Tennessee
A question:
Afternoon, Jim, we appreciate the tenacity of the Titans. Coaches stress that there are no excuses, we are all professionals and expected to perform at a high level. The next guy works because he’s a built-in part of the team’s fabric. As a result, many of our players have proven to be great additions. There is no doubt that when Bud Dupree is in the gang he is a solid addition. The concern is that he has had many injuries. His incoming men played very well. As a result, the team may consider moving from Bud next year, saving some money for required contract extensions. It’s work. Happy thanks everyone.

C: Hey Bill. We’ll see what happens with Bud in the future – the rest of this season and beyond. You said it – Titans are better with Bod. The focus now is on getting him healthy and getting him to help the rest of the way.

Terry Anderson is from Edmonton, Kentucky
A question:
Hi Jim I hope all is well. What a great team effort Thursday in Green Bay! Then the story breaks that our OC has been arrested for possibly being under the influence of alcohol while operating a motor vehicle. I myself have been affected by a drunk driver in the great state of Tennessee. The accident involving the drunk driver took the life of my friend and I was badly injured. It was 2015. The wrong way to drive at 65. The choice to drink and drive was so bad it should have consequences. I’m sure the choice will have consequences. Legally, it is up to the laws of Tennessee and the laws are black and white so he will be punished under the law. Jim must be held accountable for his drunk driving decision. How did the team set a precedent for this behavior? Suspend him or expel him?

C: Hello Terry. I’m sorry for your loss. I know everyone takes what happened very seriously. As for what the team will do, that’s not for me to say.
Coach Vrabel addressed Todd Downing’s DUI charge on Friday, here’s some of what he had to say:
“I’ve spoken to Todd and I’ve spoken to (Amy Adams Strunk) and (GM) John (Robinson) and I’m in touch with her and the league,” Vrabel said. “The league has policies regarding these incidents, and we’re going to make sure the league has all the information they need.”
Vrabel said he could not answer specific questions about the incident or possible punishment “out of respect for the league’s legal and practical procedures.”
β€œI will say, however, that we all have a huge responsibility as members of this community, as coaches and players in this organization, as parents and spouses and teammates, to make great decisions,” Vrabel said, β€œand we understand that.
“…it’s something we’re going to take very seriously. We’re going to gather all the information we can, figure out what the next step is, and do our best to move forward.”

Frank Stevens is from Appleton, Wisconsin
A question:
Treylon Burks had a great breakout game against the Packers. Something special about him really caught my attention. Finishing with YAC was 51 yards and a touchdown around the 4-yard line. Before he jumped in to celebrate, he was making sure the Packer he dealt with was okay. Now that was impressive and to be noted.

C: Oh Frank. I remember the problem, but I admit our interpretation of what happened immediately after that is a little different. 😊

Travis Hyman of Spencerville, Indiana (via Cheatham Co.)
A question:
It was nice to finally talk to you at the Packers game. My kids and I were in the north end zone, kind of on the Packers side before the game when we got to talking to you. My children used to ask who was the person you were standing with before you spoke to us, the young man in the sport coat and colorful native to Jordan? I thought maybe he was a national reporter but didn’t recognize him? do you remember?

C: Oh Travis. It was great talking to you too! I was talking to ESPN’s Toron Davenport. He’s always the sharpest guy on the sidelines! I always say to “TD” he’s not a tough guy to walk by because everyone always compliments him on his stylish wardrobe and shoes, and it just makes me feel unfashionable!

Brian Weber is from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
A question:
Hey Jim, could you give us an update on Harold Landry on how the rehab is going and whether or not he could be available if the Giants are able to make the playoffs. Maybe a long shot but a great addition if he can come back. Thank you and have a great holiday season!

C: Good to hear from you, Brian. Harold’s rehabilitation is going well, but don’t get your hopes up — he won’t play again until the 2023 season.

Roslyn Kinchen is from Sturtevant, Wisconsin
A question:
I’m from Nashville but live in the Milwaukee area now and I was at Lambeau Field Thursday night for the Titans-Packers. Great to see all titan blue on the field that night and a couple of guys wearing titan shirts with cheese graters on their heads! Ryan Tannehill’s body language and presence were the best I’ve seen this season. What do you think prompted that? Thanks!

C: Hi Roslyn. Robin mentioned this as well. I think Ryan is feeling a little healthier which has helped with his performance and body language/attendance. Having the guys around him in performing the plays also helped.

Frankie Markle is from Dyersburg, Tennessee
A question:
Hi Jim. How nice was this stress-free Sunday? I personally enjoyed it and I hope you did too. I realize this week is not a revenge game, but I really want to win. Plus it’s an AFC team. What are your thoughts? Thanksgiving has come and now the cream of the NFL is starting to rise. I think our D can take us all the way! Thanks, TitanUp

C: Oh Frankie. same. It would be nice to win. But it is one of seven matches remaining. Just need to win as many as possible.

Aaron Quarles is from Cape Coral, Florida
A question:
Hi Jim, I’m not sure if you can or how much information you can provide on this question but when it comes to arguing with referees during a game, how far are players/coaches allowed to go? I know Vrabel looked upset when he didn’t get the timeout he wanted at the end of the first quarter and I saw a tape of him and Levan (after the game) yelling at the referees. Are referees usually good at letting coaches take their frustrations out without penalizing them? I think all fans would be happy with more accountability from those in charge.

C: I am sure that each official has his own line that cannot be crossed. I think the officials are trying to show some restraint, but maybe it’s not a good idea to scold and harass them.

Marquis Wilson is from Baltimore, Maryland
A question:
I start by saying I love our team and the way we played Thursday night in prime time but the injury we keep taking its toll on the team and next game we have some tuff games before that I really want the Titans to continue to look like Tennessee style football.

C: You definitely need to get healthy, Marquis.

Have a great week everyone!

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