Job hunting, what is it? A frightening scam has been detected remotely

This incredible story is told by the BBC: the story of a man who created a dummy fund and got over 50 people to work for free all over the world.

It’s an incredible story told by the BBC, which took place in the UK during the year 2021. About fifty people were “caught by action” by the same company, all over the world. catch from a job, from work = work, catch = literally “shod”: these people They are ripped off by a company that has made them work for free For several months some went so far as to borrow tens of thousands of English pounds. How is this possible?

In 2020, Ali Ayad, based in Great Britain, created the Madbird design agency. Started Employ dozens of employees around the world, so that they deal with brands to obtain cooperation contracts. This charismatic manager charms his new recruits with 100% remote working, by listing all the prestigious brands he has already worked with. Appearing occasionally under different identities, Iyad Ali provides a well-researched story of how work saved him. He’s a boss with an influencer’s Instagram, a solid LinkedIn profile, and a very private way of talking to people. He managed to convince three people to leave their jobs to work for him.

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Fake Agency and Real Startup Techniques

Eyad Ali motivates his employees to seek ambitious contracts with pseudo-inspirational phrases such as: Elon Musk works 16 hours a day, I try to do 17.or “If you want to make everyone happy, don’t become a leader, and go sell ice cream instead!” All employees had agreement: The first six months, without a salary : Everyone works on commission. Each employee earns a percentage of the contract they manage to conclude with a brand. Except that over the months, no contract has been negotiated, hence None of the employees get paiddespite their hard work.

In February 2021, newly appointed to Great Britain for a fortnight, Gemma Brett decided to look up the company’s address on Google Earth. However, instead of the impressive building highlighted on the company’s website, you only find a block of ordinary buildings. The young woman, astonished, decides to talk about it with a colleague she made friends with on the Internet: Antonia Stewart, who is in charge of agency development in Dubai. They both decided to email the entire company to inform them Doubts about Madbird’s true existence. Investigations begin to determine the extent of the deception: apparently the alleged Fund co-founder not presentand that his identity was stolen. Some of the employees are bots and the alleged briefs already done for big brands have been stolen from other agencies.

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A boss convinced he “gave the job”

Once the deception was discovered, Eyad Ali apologized more or less first than before It disappears into the wilderness, without paying its employees. Subsequently, by some of his former collaborators in court, he appealed all court decisions. Tracked down and then confronted by BBC investigative journalist Catherine Nye, Ali is revealed to be an arrogant man, claiming ‘I gave work to people in the midst of covid’…therefore deleted that he did not pay them. The BBC says it has interviewed many of the characters in this story, trying to understand how this man could have so shamelessly continued his insane act. Did he think that one day Madbird would really take off and finally be able to pay its workers? Was Eyad Ali just a conman who really enjoyed playing the president and inventing life online? Anyway, this story is risky Reconciling you with a return to physical work in the office.

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