Jordan Love talks about the feelings of the Packers locker room

One of the coolest parts about being a Green Bay Packers fan is how easy it is to reach the players in the community. One of the opportunities fans get to interact with some of the players is Clubhouse Live, a weekly show hosted by Packers players at the Clubhouse Bar and Grill inside the Hilton Appleton Paper Valley.

Until recently, Amari Rodgers was one of the guys who hosted the show. However, since its release, the show has been in need of a new host. Backup quarterback Jordan Love accepted the invitation to guest star on this week’s show.

Highlights of jordan love interview

Jordan Love doesn’t do a lot of interviews. Because of this, it was very interesting to hear his opinions on the various stories surrounding the team. One of the questions he was asked was about Aaron Rodgers’ comments regarding his confidence that the Packers could go 6-0 during their remaining games.

“Yeah, I mean, that’s the thing. Our record isn’t what we want it to be, you know, 4-7, but no one’s holding back in this locker room. We’re holding on to each other, like we did last year.”

On what the Packers must do to defeat the Eagles:

“We have to run the ball. You know, they’re a good defense, but we have to run the ball really well.”

Love was then asked a few questions about how difficult it is for junior players to impress right away. Rookie wide receiver Christian Watson grew up, and Love was asked how he was [Watson] And the starters have advanced this season.

“No one really understands how difficult it is to get into a newbie right away. There are new playbooks, a very big playbook, you have to learn it. And these guys, especially Christian, are starting to pick it up. You know, Aaron has been doing this for a long time, and it takes time.” To get on the same page as him. But guys are starting to do that and that, oh yeah, it’s very exciting.”

On what love feels better now than when he was a rookie:

“My understanding of the offense in the moment. Understanding the rules of the game, understanding where to go with the ball, being able to see in advance what the defense is doing.”

Returning to the playbook, Love was asked how difficult it is to learn all the plays on a new offense:

“It’s rough or tough. You start with learning formations and what I call basic plays. We have about seven installations that we did during camp, and there are about 20 tackles per installation. It’s very intense.”

How many offensive plays in Matt LaFleur’s offense?

“I couldn’t put a number on that. Over a hundred for sure. Concepts pass, we have over 50.”

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