Lights, camera, no target, progress to 500, the third line

We have a lot to talk about regarding the Vegas Golden Knights’ big 5-4 victory over the Vancouver Canucks Monday night.

In general, the Golden Knights can be very happy about their ability to hold out and steal a win late on. But they have a lot to work on.

The Canucks have more to care about, especially when it comes to defending prospects.

Golden Knights


Congratulations to Jonathan Marchesault for reaching 500 career games played at the NHL level. I’m not sure if he would have reached this milestone if Vegas Golden Knights had never existed. The two are inseparable, and you can tell Marchie enjoys being a golden knight and a true misfit.

The team’s all-time leader in goals, assists, points, and games played helped Monday night win. He was also very vocal that the first Canucks goal, scored by Curtis Lazar, was an offside. Turns out he was, so Marshi gets a bonus point for connecting with VGK’s video crew and Bruce Cassidy.

Lights, camera, no target

What was initially thought to be the Golden Knights’ green goal and Mark Stone’s second of the night was called out for some strange reason. After review, it was found that the disc hit the camera lens through a small cubby, and the target was reversed. The game remained 4-4 at the time.

The play should have whistled dead when the puck hit the camera. Fortunately for Bruce Boudreau and the Canucks, the evidence was on the ice.

Think of the cam in the same vane as the top grille or the disc going into the seat, making the disc classified as off limits. The problem wasn’t that there was debris on the ice, though I’m curious about the rules on that.

Hitting pucks is not uncommon. But to lead to an impermissible target is something I’ve never seen before.

Kari Ying offending

Would you look at Will Carrier Go? The brave fourth line had a two-goal game, a first for him at the NHL level. He continues his excellent performance on the team’s fourth line, regardless of his teammates.

Last season, Carrier scored a career-high 20 points in 63 games. He’s on pace to break that significantly with nine points in 19 games.

Just get into the net

One of the first things they teach you in youth hockey is to get to the net and that good things will happen as a result. For Will Carrier and Mark Stone, that’s exactly what happened Monday night. Jack Eichel put together an amazing two-assist conversion, weaving around defenders in Canucks territory.

Both goals hit a teammate and into him. But they don’t ask how; They ask how much.

This happened on the other side of things as well, as the Canucks had some goals from Tyler Myers and Andrei Kuzmenko scoring deflection goals.

Third line seats

Simply put, the Golden Knight’s first streak was great, the Misfits themselves, and the fourth streak was overdone. On the other hand, the third line was a convoluted mess, and we wrote a whole story about this a few days before Nicholas Roy’s injury caused some confusion.

With Jake Lechien, Paul Cotter, and Phil Kessel forming the line Monday night, the trio was on the bench for most of the third period, playing just two shifts in the total period.

This is adding fuel to the fire of some Golden Knights trade rumors, as the extra depth is something the team will likely need to be a real threat in the Stanley Cup.

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